Sunday, August 3, 2008

Phew!! where does time go??

I was completely worn out last week. Busy,busy,busy. Nothing bad, just busy. I can't remember when I've gone that long w/o reading an writing the blog world that is. I think I'm almost caught up with things....
I've read about deaths and birthdays...watched vlogs and read stories. In tt's world....that's it. Life. Just life.

I've got a few random things peeking out of my grape rooms. I'll try and list them before I fall asleep....although, since I took a 5 hour nap today...that may not happen for a while. Yep...I told Lovee that I was just gonna rest for a couple hours....HA....I woke up at 8 p.m.!! It's been so fucking hot here lately. It just sucks the life forces out of me at times. our regular temp has been around 101 to 104. it was 103 but the heat index was 110!!!!!! As soon as I opened the door, the breath was sucked right out of me. Seriously!! Ugh! In fact, it's almost...notice I say 'almost' too hot to swim. Yea...i know...what's with that?
Actually it's the only place that I don't sweat. and let me tell ya, I sweat like a whore in church! No joke sisters!'s a few squishers:

1. do frogs get restless leg syndrome?

I'm not sure where that question came from. ...cept'-I was sitting in our backyard looking out at the bug zapper light that Lovee put out there and saw that it's surrounded by frogs! Guess it looks like a smorgasbord to them. :) ha anyway, I was watching them hop around and about then my legs took a twitch.......hence the thought I guess.

2. new pet peeve:

someone is walking out of a store....and i stop to let them go across the walkway ( I'm nice like that..teehee)....but instead of just walking straight across, they walk at a diagonal...........and it takes them twice as long to get across!!!!!! WTF! Hey, I stopped...I did my do yours.......walk directly across so I can get on with my very important but rather uninspiring life day and do whatever it is I need to do. Done. How hard would that be?

3. dreams;

Dad had a dream that he was lost downtown and couldn't find his way home. :(
He used to work downtown...and as far as I can tell, he still remembers how to get to any place you need to go. Sad.
Mom had a dream that someone broke into their house and 'manhandled' her while dragging her out of bed. Dad woke her up by patting her and asking if she needed a drink of water or something. That's love.
I had a dream that I was fixing some girls hair. Turning it into big 'Texas' hair with a flip. WTF?


it just keeps on giving. My Dad is a reader. He reads everything. Or used to....actually he still does, but it's getting harder for him. He's practically blind but he uses a helmet thingie that Mom found at the 'eye glass place'. It's basically a magnifier on a hat. ( I'll get a pic and share later) anyway...he reads the paper from cover to to the Editor...comics...all of it. It may take him a couple days to read one paper, but he does it. Of course it takes a while because he doesn't remember if he has read it. So, he goes over and over it untill the next day, when a new paper shows up. And then there's the mail....oh good Lord! He examines the envelopes like he's looking for some magic code or something. Last week he kept looking at a brown envelope....turning it over and over.

Me: What's wrong Dad?
D: What's "time sensitive material" mean?
Me: it means they want you to respond within a certain time.
D: why?
Me: Just to get your attention I guess.
D: but what does it mean?
Me:What does what mean?
D: time sensitive material.
Me: It means you've only got a certain amount of time to act on whatever it is they're trying to sell you.
D: Why?
Me: I don't know Dad....I guess they want to make it look important.
D: Is it?
Me: I don't know...why don't you open it and see what's inside.

After he opened it, it took us another 30 minutes or so to discuss why someone wants him to renew his subscription to the TV Guide and limit the time he has to make that decision.....which is confusing to him because he doesn't want to renew it.
Yeah...........I life is stimulating.

5. Procedures:

Whenever one of the parentals has a procedure or something that requires fasting....I schedule it for Thursdays. Mom still fixes French toast on Thursdays. Well, Denny's French Toast is her most favorite thing in the world. So, if I schedule stuff on Thursdays, she doesn't have to cook it.
I reminded her this past Wednesday that the next day was a 'Denny's' day. She got all perked up and started doing a little 'bobble-head' thing with a big cheesie smile and did a little happy-dance thing while sitting at the table. It's one of those things that you'd have to see to get the full effect. :) Dad had to have a blood test for his diabetic appt. next week. Then she got more excited when she realized she'd only have to wait one day after that to get it again. She says she would put up with a procedure every day if she could get Dennys afterwards. I'm not sure if that makes me happy or sad. hummmmmm

Ok. I'm squished. I'm actually tired now. should be cuz it's after 1 in the freaking morning.


Dianne said...

The whole thing with Dad makes me smile and makes me teary. I can picture him reading the paper over and over and I just want to hug him.

And Mom's Denny-gasms - bless her heart.

I know it is easy for me to find this all endearing since I don't deal with it every day but I know you do as well since you write with such love - even when frustrated or tired.

and I always want to hug you

tt said...

dianne: made be really giggle with the "Denny-gasms" word. I LOVE new words and this one is the best ever!!!! I always knew you'd 'get' what ever I wrote about....and I thank you for it. I felt the hug and I'm sending it back to you....doubled!
I wish I could put you in my purse and take you with me every where I go. As it're in my heart forever! xo

CheekyMonkey said...

Ahhh, I missed you tt!!! Thanks for coming back!

Jay said...

I get annoyed when I'm following somebody out of someplace like Wal-Mart and they walk out the door and then stop right there and look around trying to remember where they parked. Can't they move to the side, then look around?

I get pretty happy when someone suggests we should go to Denny's too. ;-)

Jen said...

My heart just went out to your dad when he was going over his "time sensitive" mail. To be so confused when you know you should not be confused. I little bit of my heart broke as frustrating as it must be for you.

I'm glad to see you back!

Real Live Lesbian said...

It's so sweet how you are with your parents...and so very sad at the same time. My Daddy's a newspaper reader too. Front to back daily. It just takes him longer now that he has macular degeneration in one eye.

And yes, you do write with such love for them. I am honored to know you!

Crazy Charlene said...

left you a little something something over at my blog

Brad said...

I understand people who get joy out of the little things in life. I don't need anything fancy. Just take me out and play with me once in a while.

tt said...

CM: ;).Thanks! I just get too busy sometimes...sorry babe.

Jay: ya know...sometimes I feel like gunning my morot just to perhaps startle them into moving a wee bit faster! (I'm evil sometimes)

Jen: you kno...the hardest part about this 'job' is watching their decline. I never know when one of them will 'get' stuff or not 'get' stuff. Kinda keeps me dangling on a ledge so to speak. Thanks for understanding so well.

rll: my Mom has Macular degeneration too. She's not 'black' blind but close to it. She can't read or watch TV but she can listen real good! :)
And she can tell me if the table isn't set properly...ha ha

Charlene: mmwwaahhhhhhhh! hugs to you sweetsister!

brad: "Just take me out and play with me once in a while." Awwwww... you sweet,sweet man you!!! I know the's the little things in life isn't it. I think you need a Denny's fix. :)

Crazy Charlene said...

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Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

I'm so glad you're back! I missed reading you!

Loved the story about your Dad. Heart warming, even though, it is saddening that they are slowly deteriorating.

And, your Mom and Denny's. So sweet.

My Gramm used to read the whole paper front to back on Sundays in between church services (a.m. and p.m.).

She's sprawl out in her recliner with her legs kicked up over the side arm rest (she was only about 5ft) and hold it, arms outstretched and read.)

The pic of you and your Lovey to the right of your blog is so cute. Everytime I see it I think "Gosh, they are so in love."

Happy Tuesday Gal!

ETK said...

OMG, that is a big pet peeve of mine too and the one that Jay mentioned!!! I can't STAND that - what is so hard about moving out of the way?? Oh! And people who get to the top or bottom of an escalator, step off, and then STOP? I mean - hello!!! - we have to keep coming!!

I love you!!! I love the Denny-gasms too. How perfect!

tt said...

Char: done! ;)

Farmers wfe: My lovee is the best that's for sure...thanks gal!

ETk: stoopid ppl!!! what's with that anyway???? buttrakes!

gary rith said...

Big Texas hair, har! Do people in OK make jokes about Texans???