Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's snowing!!!!!....sorta

Can I get a ..... HELL YES!!!!!!

I'm a snowbaby actually. Maybe cuz I was born in July? Naw, that doesn't make sense. I just love snow. And now it is.
It's about 10 degrees with a wind chill of about -4 !!!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it's cold!!!
We're only getting a slight dusting but's snowing!
What I'm finding odd is that there's more 'dust' in our backyard than in the front. Our house faces east so the back is west....duh!!......but isn't that odd. If our house faced north I wouldn't be scratching my head .....I'm easily entertained remember?!

I'll just ponder that with the whole age thing today.

What I'd love to see my grape anyway...not IRL... is to have so much snow that we just couldn't possibly get out of the house for a few days. Seriously. The down side to that is that I'd worry about the parentals cuz I know they'd be panicked.(..they do that really well on good weather days) How would they ever manage w/o my 12 year old self? Yep...they would turn themselves inside out with worry. But still..................these are the things dreams are made of. :)
I took pictures to show ya. Of course I'll have to get Lovee to upload them for me.....
yes...we've already established how challenged I am, so knock it off. :)


Has anyone heard that taking an antihistamine for extended periods of time makes you gain weight in middle section? Sunshine gal said her Dr. told her that. Rx or OTC.... doesn't matter. If taken for prolonged periods of time.....instant muffin top!
WTF??? I've taken Benedryl help me sleep. Works better than anything else I've tried. We're talking years here. And yes....I've got some serious love handles especially good for giving Lovee something to hang on to during our 'magic' time ...sorry I know that's TMI so I tried not taking them. That lasted only one night. Shitty sleep...or actually fitful sleep. I talked to Lovee about it and he assured me he loves me anyway he can get me....fluffy or not. So I went back to my sleepers last night. Gotta love that man!!!!!!

(note to self: post Christmas pics!!!!)

**** read my 'Ponder' post below**** I need answers................


KPChicago said...

It is negative 10 here---but I was not afraid!!!--and got out of bed and started the day--although I hated to leave that snuggly space. I look for your posts and I love your comments. In a short time you have become family to me! YOU ARE AMAZING---and right and wrong and good and bad and pretty and beautiful (no ugly here!--although if there was a tiny bit of ugly I'd lap it up!) Big deep breathe in and big deep sigh out--- I like that you take life as it comes to you and can appreciate (even if it is hard) how loved you are and how to love well (the parentals and your own children--and your children in IL!)
Thank you for sharing all your thoughts with us

tt said...

K- are such a sunny-side-up kinda gal.
I love you too babe! Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CheekyMonkey said...

Yes, it's hella cold here today. Brrrr... my toes are cold!

Neither of us are not afraid. :)

And lemme tell you, if you have a muffin top, that's fine. But it's if you have a muffin top and then wear a tank top that's short and some hip huggin jeans and let your muffin top HANG OUT.. that's when I have a problem with it. It's when it's on purpose.

Actually, I really don't care either way. But you can't be mad at me when I stare at your muffin top hangin out. Mkaibiy

Jen said...

Growing up in the great white arctic tundra, I've had my fair share of being snowed in! Fun times, I have to say! But one does start to go a wee bit stir crazy after day 2. . .

Here's to hoping you get snowed in!

Brad said...

I've taken Benedryl for years too (I'm alergic to everything) and I can assure you, my muffin top is all cookies and beer!

Dez said...

BBRRRR...... I do hope you and your parentals stay WARM!!! We got some snow way down south here, in 2000 (I think). It was on Christmas Day! It was the first time in 100 years! I love snow, but not the cold - I know, such a weeny.
Since I don't take Benadryl, I guess my muffin top is from too many tacos and beer! LOL
HUGS to keep you warm!

Anonymous said...

That's about what we had this morning, maybe a tad bit warmer. A dusting of snow that just blew all over.

Hey, if I can blame my mid-section on meds, I'm all for it!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

*sigh* Don't tell me that about the OTC sleep aid (mine is generic benadryl too). Hmmm, makes sense though. Chicken Biskets!

Cold - No Likie.

Sweet D, Last time we got snow here was actually, Christmas of 2004. I remember, because I remember my kids ages and them in the backyard with a little snow-man. ;-)

The last time before that was in 1973 or 74....