Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I forgot to say 'contact' yesterday and she reminded me! ha ha How funny is that?!

My b-inlaw is in town. He's having to go through that dreaded thing that we all look forward to at some time in our lives...helping out his ailing "Nana" who is the most adorable person ever and his Aunt. Nana is 18 days shy of turning 100!!! Isn't that amazing! She is the most sweet natured person ever and it's very painful to see her decline as she has the past few months. So hard to get things done long distance and it puts him in such a quandry as to what to do for her in the nursing home to improve her quality of life. Sad.
I wish my sisterlittle was here too. But school is still in session so that couldn't happen. She's an awesome teacher!! Next month she'll be here and I'm really looking forward to seeing her. YAY!

I mad Hamberger soup yesterday at the Mom's request. I LOVE that stuff. But she watched me the whole time to make sure I did it like her. I didn't. She said she actually learned something from me though....huh...imagine that! Whenever I drain meat, I put a piece of foil in the sink making a well of sorts into the drain. Then I put a folded paper towel over that. Next is the collander thingie which the meat gets poured into. take the collander up and...viola!!...grease is trapped ...fold up the foil w/ the paper towel and grease and no mess. Da-dah!! She had never seen that done and thought it was great. Go figure. She mentioned it several she actually learned something new...from her daughter no less. Of course I chopped the carrots different but as I told her...."same result Mom"....." yes, but you do it different"..." that's cuz I'm different from you, remember?"" yep, that's true" she said while leaning on the counter with her eagle eye trained on my every move. But, I was ok with it. If I really stop and look at her, she can be such a pathetic thing really. Guess it's ok to let her have her moments......let her feel like she has something to offer. I'll be there one I have to remember that whole universe thing. I've gotta put good stuff out there where she's concerned so it doesn't come back and bite me square in the ass! :)
My Dad spent half the day "cleaning up" his car for my B-in law to use while he's here. He's so cute to do that. Gave him something else to do. He's a putterer.
Putter on Daddy, putter on!

Today is nail day. Mom gets a fill and new polish every 3 weeks. Cute. I may even splurge and get a mani for myself.
I hope I can find my way there w/o getting us lost. ;) Oh yea, I forgot, she'll be there to guide me the whole time. What a gal!


ETK said...

Wow. You totally hit the nail on the head (ha ha! I am HILARIOUS - cause I intend to comment on the nail thing too). Seriously though. Your mom feels useless and wants to make some contribution to every day life. Therefore, she thinks she's adding value by telling you how to do things!!!

I don't know about you - but that felt like an Aha! moment to me. Now, that said, not sure it'd make me totally patient, but it might increase it a smidge. We will all be there ourselves one day too.

I want to give you a big gigantic hug!

And you should DEFINITELY splurge and get yourself a mani. In fact you should get yourself a mani/pedi! Treat yourself for being a patient loving caring wonderful daughter! :)

What's the name of your nail salon anyway? Seriously.

Oh - perhaps you need a massage?

ETK said...

Maybe you should get a blackberry so you can post throughout the day?


tt said...

i don't remember the name, sorry. I skipped the mani for today. They were too booked. I'll do it next time.
And you're right, it was an 'aha' moment....and it does help. :)
I still need to schedule my massage YOU gave me ...remember?! Seriously.


Can't afford the blackberry right now...'sides, I'm not sure who would teach me how to use it. ha ha
I'm technology challenged too!

ETK said...

Duh. YOUR DAUGHTER (either one) could teach you how to use the blackberry. You probably wouldn't like using it, esp with your wrist issues. :) No worries. I can try to LEARN patience like you have - you are my example.

Yes, do letme know about the nail salon name and BOOK THAT MASSAGE! THAT WAS MY POINT!