Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Purse issues

Am I alone in the quest to find a purse that has ALL of the features I'm looking for? I know Sisterlittle and I have talked about this...we're constantly on the lookout for the PP. (perfect purse) We've even talked about starting our own line...Doubt that will ever happen but I think about it all the time!!
So, a while back I had the folks in Dillards looking for,.... I don't remember what we were looking for now,.....anyway I briefly caught a glimpse of a purse I loved at first sight! Mom was needing to go home so I couldn't take the time to really check it out. I did quickly look at the tag tho and loved the $ 20.00 price. That made it even more enticing . I figured I'd just come back later . Well, that was 3 weeks ago. So, today I decided to do just that. I'd told Lovee if it was still there then it was meant to be. Afterall, how often do you see something for $ 20 bucks at Dillards that you love?!
So, I go and timidly ( for real) look in the purse direction and I saw it!!!!!! Yep, still there. It's hard to describe..a summer bag, some kind of shinny material infused w/ lots of summer colors, rather tropical. I glanced at the tag again and saw that I remembered it wrong. It wasn't $ 20 but $27. Still ok by me. I thought I'd look around anyway b/c they were having a purse sale but decided I'd better carry it w/ me so I wouldn't tempt fate and have some Ho steal it away from me....since it had waited for me all this time. ;)
I didn't find anything else, well...there was a Coach bag that I reeeaallly liked, but it was $ 385.00 and I just can't justify that ( to myself) no matter what. So, i go up to the counter, take all the tissue out so I can see how much room is actually in it. (I do carry alot of stuff...ya never know when something might come in handy!) I look at the tag again and ...GASP!! COUGH!! I misread the damn tag!! It's not $27.00 ...add another zero to it.......$270.00!!! Shitfuckdamn!!! I had waited 3 weeks to get this bag only to discover it wasn't meant to be after all. I was sad...but, determined to find a summer purse.
So, I walked over to Penny's and looked around for about 5 minutes and viola'.......found one! ON SALE too!! 35 marked down to 21! YAY for me.

It's truly the little things........I'm so anal sometimes no?


Tweb said...

Anal, no!!! Just in search of the PP, just like the rest of us!

Fortunately for me, Babe found the one I wanted in Vegas. And because he won $$$ He surprised me with my favorite coach bag! Now, you KNOW you've got a good one when he's willing to walk around Vegas with a giant coach bag! (he told me he looked soooo gay, but it was worth it.)

Dillards... I wish we had one of those. My mom has one by her in TN. TJ Maxx is THE place for purses up here!

Tweb said...

Oh, what I forgot to say is that it's ALWAYS the little things that count!

Anonymous said...

A woman of maturity deserves a coach. I say we start a collection. tt's birthday is in July. Anyone else interested?

On another note: Virginia Satir said it all,"Life is not the way it's supposed to be.
~It's the way it is.
The way you cope with it is what makes the difference."

tt said...

Amen SL, Ahmen!!! I love that quote!
Don't you dare start a collection!!
But I thank you for the wonderful thought! xo

tt said...

Uh...I'm a little slow at times I admit, but I just realized AFTER I walked away from the puter, you called me a "woman of maturity"...Is that the PC term for 'old'?
ha ha ha crack me up!
Nicely done SL!

Anonymous said...

Not to worry about the "old" thing. I am NOT signing you up for that ridiculous purple and red thing! Rather see you toting a coach!!!!!!!!