Sunday, May 13, 2007

Survivor Finale...:(

Yau-man was so totally robbed! Not sure if anyone but me watched that, but I'm so addicted to it and really had a big favorite from the start. Yau-man is a 54 year old asian guy who played this game better than I have ever seen it done!! I'm not too dissappointed that Earl won..he was my second choice ; and I'm seriously glad that Dreamz lost it!! Shit head!

Now I just have to wait for Big Brother in July! Love that show too!!! I I were younger I'd so totally try out for that show!!!!!!!!!!!!! But unfortunately the "older " ones usually go I'm, once again, finding myself living vicariously through others. Which actually has it's good points.
When my fog lifts, I'll remember them . :) ha

Geez.....the damn pills have kicked in again..............I'v got so much more to say but it'll have to wait for tomorrow.

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