Monday, May 28, 2007

Indy 500

Dario won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was actually rooting for Danica, but Dario winning was fabulous!!! We didn't actually get to see the rest of the race after the track was dried out. We had to take the parental units to dinner. Dammit!!! But I was happy to see the outcome.
I usually do not let anything interfere w/ my Indy 500 race....not phone calls, nothing! But in my everchanging life I had to make an exception. It's ok. The universe didn't come to a screeching halt.......... yay for that.

I do get excited watching tho. Man, they were driving crazy from the beginning! Trying to beat the rain that was coming; trying to get into a good position for when the rain came in again. Usually, the drivers wait for at least 50 laps before they start REALLY driving and jockeying for a good position. Not yesterday! Wow!!
Felt bad for Tony though. If the race had been called he would have won. That's the breaks....ya never now what's gonna happen at Indy.
Love me some IRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tweb said...

I'm speachless.!

I felt bad for TK, because I do love the guy, but DARIO!!!! WOOT!!!

ETK said...

WTF - I thought there was a newer post but now I can't find it. did you delete it?