Thursday, May 24, 2007

Random thoughts and casual observations

There isn't alot going on in the grape lately. That's evident cuz I haven't had much to say. However I get what I call 'snipets' that whiz through every now and then.

  • My fingernails have never been so long! Was working in a bank that hard on them? All the gardening I've done should have wrecked havoc on them, especially since I don't like to wear gloves, but they're rediculously long. In fact, typing even harder now. But do I cut them? Naw....
  • Instead of dealing with 100 different ppl a day and their analicities, I only have to deal w/ 2. That's a good thing. However there is an emotional attatchment w/ these ppl that I didn't have before. My BFF pointed that out to me this morning. How true.
  • What's with the hair tt? I don't know why I do this every year. Smae thing year after year...grow,cut,grow,cut........can I please just figure it out and be happy? Naw, too easy. :)
  • The steroids are gone now. Thank gawd! Those are good drugs but gooz-o-pete I eat like a horse when I'm on them! If I deny that I'm hungry, try to fool the ol' grape, then I get a terrible headache....can't win with that one.
  • 1964 is coming to town in July!! LOVE them. It's a Beatles tribute that my BFF and I and her daughter go to almost every year. So much fun. makes us feel transported back to that time. Very cool.
  • Time is relative. Plain and simple.
  • Is it possible to get any fatter? Simple truth is a deffinite yes. But I'm trying not to.
  • The IRS sucks donkey d***s!
  • I miss my Lovee....I have alot of time to think about him during the day.
  • I wonder how tweb is doing......her being all knocked up and all! ;)
  • Is ETK real?


Tweb said...

I'm here! I'm doing well... going to go post some stuff in a minute. I think. Feeling kinda blurry these days. And tired!

ETK said...

tt - we should plan a trip to Chi-town, no?

You SHOULD be asking - is tweb real? not ETK!! What do you mean by that????? HUH?

tt said...

Cuz you appear to be so together!
That's something I always strive for but never really attain. :)
Trip would be fun. Think she could take it? Think she'd be up for the challenge?