Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers day to me!!

Awwww, I feel so loved.
My Lovee had new clothes laid out on the bed for me today when I got home from taking the parents to church!! It's fairly warm at their house cuz they're old and have thin skin so it's around 80 or so. I sweat every day. I mentioned to Lovee that I needed to go shorts shopping. That is something I usually don't wear in public ...just our back yard...I'm a capri girl. Anyway he got me some shorts and a skort sorta thing, which I love!... and some tops. How sweet is that! We had to exchange the skort cuz it was the wrong size, even though it was stretchie....I needed a bigger size. How sweet he thinks I'm smaller than I am by 2 sizes!!! He also wrote me the most beautiful note. Made for some heavy leakage of the eyeballs! He loves me..Period!
Not "if' I do this or that and not "because" I do this or that, but "PERIOD"! What ever did I do to deserve that!!! I squished him completely flat! ha :)
Our local urchins came by to say hi and watched a movie with us. Then back to T-town to take the parents to dinner.
********just in case you haven't seen The it!'s 'Top Gun,"Perfect Storm,"and "Cast Away" all rolled in together!! Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I told sunshine I wanted to flip to the end of the "book" for a sec to get an idea how it was going to end, but of course she said NO! Hey it's my day, I shoulda got my way...right?! Naw...such abuse.


ETK said...

Happy Mother's Day to YOU! Sorry I missed you yesterday - I didn't mean to call right at the start of Survivor!!!!

Did you get my card?? I actually got that one in the mail sorta on time! :)

Tweb said...

Ahh, happy mothers day!!!! I love that you had such a wonderful day!

Allison Horner said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Sorry it's late. I was soooo out of it yesterday and still am. This working 12 hour nights shifts is for the birds!