Friday, October 19, 2007

Warning!! Curse words ahead!!!!!!!!!

WTF is wrong w/ ppl on the Highway???!!! I know it's time to go home. I know it's Friday. But is it reaaallllly necessary to cut ppl off?/ Is it?? WHY??????? What makes your schedule so much more important than every one else? Geesh!!
Get off my ass BUTTWIPE!!
Yea, up yours too!!!
Watch the road and quit picking your crack scabs, butt muncher!!!!!

Ok, I feel better now.
Thank you very much................
carry on....:)


ETK said...

Heehee - your curse words are decidely less offensive than MY curse words. :)

Love you!

Allison Horner said...

You're so funny, TT!


Tweb said...

Crack scabs? That made me throw up a little in my mouth...

tt said...

Sorry, that should have had a warning in the title to alert pregnant ppl.