Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Just stuff........

So, yesterday was a real day off for me! Yes!!!
I did have 2 appointments though. The first one was for a 'lip rip'. My gal 'Gayla' is a hoot!!! She always had a couple stories to tell about the shop owner next door ( who is crazy) that cracks me up. I tell ya, it's not good to laugh while getting your lip ripped! too funny. It's not a good idea when it's the eyebrows turn either...:)
Then I had a Dr. appointment. I had 2 complaints. Heartburn was the major complaint with a smaller complaint of stopped up ears. Hummm, I thought they we seperate but the Dr. seems to think they're related. Go figure. He gave several senarios, all of them made sense....but the end result ws some meds for the heartburn that should clear up my ears too. Hummmmm, medicine is a facinating thing...isn't it Alli.
The really good thing is I had no h/b at all yesterday or last night! Yay for me!!!!!!!

Lovee and I rented a couple movies. Even Almighty and Superman. They were funny and didn't take too much thought which was what we wanted. It went along with our relaxing day. I even cooked dinner! Wonders never cease.

Today the Mom has a Dr. appt. Hopefully she'll get the boot off her foot. Lord help me if she doesn't!!! She'll cry for sure. Keep the finners crossed.....PLEASE!!!!!

I'm not in a typing mood right now so I'll go get some more chores done. :)
Ya'll have a wondermus day!

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