Sunday, October 14, 2007

Smart car!!

Well, as you can probably see we went to see the Smart car and got to test drive them!
They had part of one street blocked off for the test drives. It was too cool!!!

Have you seen anything in your life so cute?? Well, ..besides a Porsche or a Cooper....??

And look how happy Lovee was!!! He probably won't wash his butt for a week now! LOL

We had to fill out a release to drive them and one of 'their' ppl had to be with you but that was ok..who cares...just as long as we get to do the driving, right?!! We had seen one of these cars in Athens and all the guys went nuts over them. They should be available to purchase in the US next year. Fact. ...There was a form to fill out if you wanted to reserve one. All you had to do was out down $ 99.00. We didn't do that but Lovee deffinitely wants one!

This was a great way to spend the afternoon!

We had a fun time Friday. My Dad spent the night in the Hospital. Nothing really serious and they never found out what was wrong but I'm glad I took him in anyway.

The tired's are after me big time so I'll go to bed now.

Ya'll have a great week!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

is it smaller than a cooper?

Allison Horner said...


Yes, those are smaller than the Coopers...believe it or not! :)


Tweb said...

These things thoroughly amused me when I was in Paris a couple years back. I couldn't get over how flippin tiny they are!!!

ETK said...

WHAT GREAT PHOTOS!!!! You guys are just so freaking adorable. i thought maybe you'd post a pic of the house you decided you wanted too. :)

Anonymous said...

house? You want a different house? Maybe itty bitty like the car? Didn't Rog already build the mini-house?

tt said...

We were looking at the $$$$$$ houses in Midtown. We'll get one after we win the lottery! ;)

Sunshine said...

I WANT ONE!!!!!!! Dad looks so cute when he smiles bigly :) He needs to do that more often in pics.