Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'll never be too old to be....

Embarrassed!! my parents no less.
Whenever something happens to my folks, they have a question that they ask everyone they see.... some people they don't know , but they will ask...."Where were you when _______ happened?"
Case in point. My Dad went to the Dr. because his hand has been hurting for quite a while. Mom and I told him it was probably arthritis but he wanted to see the Dr.....Ok..So, the Dr. x-rays it and sure enough it's arthritis. But he gives my Dad a sort of hand splint, the kind you see bowlers wear. So now, whenever he goes somewhere he'll hold up that hand with the splint and say to.... whomever is close..." Where were you when I got this?"
Now my Mom is joining in. Because as I've already established she's an attention whore and she can't let my Dad 'one-up' her. When she was in her boot from her broken foot, where ever we went it was " And where were you when I got this?"...aarrrggghhhhh!
Of course the poor unsuspecting soul who's asked this usually stammers and says something like 'I don't know' or 'what happened ?' or just stammers. I usually just bury my head and try to shake the silliness out of my brain and mumble something under my breath.
It's like they're reverting to a toddler stage sometimes and I can't do anything about it. I once tried to correct my Mom about how she tries to get a waiters attention. She'll look in the direction of where she thinks a waiter is and holler "HEY". Quite often the person she's hollering at is a customer for cripes sake! I've told her to let me know when she needs something and I'll get it for her or get someone to get it. But, since she's got the patience of a gnat....I'm never quick enough. I'll tell her " Mom that's a customer; wait until I see the waitress"...I usually get 'the glare' and am told not to scold her. See, we are allowed to correct children because that's how they learn. But grown adults with non existent attention's not the same.'s interesting isn't it!
My 'old soul' is becoming weak and tired.
My Dad does this thing I call a 'loop'. He repeats stuff over and over. I can rephrase a question or answer to him and his answer or question is always the same. His ability to understand and his ability to reason is slipping away. Very frustrating to say the least. Because one statement from him or to him can go on for hours. It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does...I can feel an energy drain. And I immediately start to wonder how long it will go on.
But, ask him how to get from A to S in Tulsa and he's right on the money! Go figure.

I'm getting tired. That usually happens by the end of the week.
But it's a good thing I do, I know. Just frustrating.
I feel for my Sisterlittle when she comes to give me my break next summer. Of course, she'll be fresh so to speak, so maybe it won't be too bad for her. I was OK for the first month or two.
We'll see. Bless her heart.
smooches and hugs to all.
Have a good Thursday. :)


Anonymous said...

Okay...I know this isn't funny but then it is.
Here's one suggestion: From now on, when you answer Daddy, DON'T reword your phrasing. Say the same damn thing, word for word.

tt said...

I'll do my own 'loop'? Why not...I'll try it.

ETK said...

Poor tt!!! I hope you are getting some rest this weekend. Is Monday your day off??

Anonymous said...

Monday is TOE day right? What happens if you call in sick on Tuesday?!?! That would throw the ol' bird. Might give her a taste of what it's like without you...