Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ramble-ie Snipits

Yesterday was a good day w/ the Mom. She was smiling biggly when I got there and said they missed me. She actually behaved all day. ( I'm going to wait untill she gets cranky to talk w/ her.) It felt like I was gone for a long time actually. I needed that break for sure. I left at 10 Saturday morning and didn't go back untill Sunday @ 5p.m.. Then Lovee and I left about 7 ( after dinner at Rib Crib..yummy) and I didn't go there at all Monday!!!!!!! It was a much needed break.
Lovee had to go to the Dr. Monday. Now he's got a colonoscopy scheduled in a month. Yea....he's thrilled. I told him it was the gentlemanly thing to go first. ( snicker) I'll go later....
We are over 50 ya know...............yea...yea..yea.....blah......blah....blah.....
I'm starting to work on my Christmas gift list. I LOVE Christmas!! This year will be a bit different though. We wont have any kids here with us. Not that that's a bad thing. It's just that last year we had 4 kids and their spouses. What fun that was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a bit on the expensive side, but I was working then so it was no big deal. This year, however, will be a whole new situation. I'm thinking gifts will be on the skimpy side. No biggie I'm sure. I'm just gonna wrap a wee bit more 'love' inside the boxes. :)
My mind keeps wandering lately. Where does it wander you ask? Not sure really.....but I keep wondering how long I'll be in this current situation. Is that terrible of me? It's not like I have something terribly exciting to look forward to, I'm just curious. I mean afterall, when this 'job' is over, my life will take a different direction. My family will have changed it's players so to speak. Interesting to think about. Hard to imagine.
I'd be lost w/o Lovee!
Played phone tag w/ ETK yesterday.....Hope I get to talk w/ her today. She's such a bright spot!
Thought for the day.............
Attitudes are your worth catching?

Huggles to all!!!!!!

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ETK said...

I want a box of LOVE! How 'bout that? :) We had the best Christmas EVER last year!!!! Too bad we won't see you this year. Wanna come to ATL????