Friday, March 14, 2008

Bring it on.. :)

Spring is a week away right? Well, Last night we had a preview of things to come. A good ol' thunderstorm. I LOVE those!!!! The air smells fresh and almost new if that's even possible. Storm clouds look totally different from snow clouds or regular winter clouds. I got all smiley when I took the muts outside for an after dinner "grass sprinkle'. Fresh wind,blowing rain, lightning,huge drops,rolling thunder.....even a wee bit of hail. Ahhhh.......the sounds of spring.

You know what I've always wanted to do? When it's storming...get a good book....a nice glass of wine or soda or milk..whatever my mood is at the time :), some chocolate; open the door and let that fresh smell in; turn on some soft tunes and drift into another world. Sounds heavenly to me.
Wonder why I haven't ever done that????
Or have I and I just forgot?'s only days away......bring it on!!!


CheekyMonkey said...

See... very similar to MY summer fantasy... cept I'm sitting on the front porch while it's storming. And I HAVE done that... but just sitting there... me and my lovely glass of wine. Oh so perfect!

Bring it on baby!

R.E.H. said...

You just reminded me of Florida. I used to love the thunderstorms down there - when they were over. The air was so fresh and brisk it was a joy to go outside.

Not so much fun when you're "rained in" at a McDonald's for three hours though. The rain and wind was so strong I refused to go out to the car... the place was packed because no one could drive - zero visibility!

tt said...

monkey: I'd sit on the front porch but it's too small...gotta get on the!

reh: Oooo, the smells! I forgot about the fresh too!! I can't imagine being rained in at Micky D's...There'd be no french fries left if I did. :) Those zero visibility times with the rain..I call them voids. Been stuck on the hiway with night they're scarey!

Diane J Standiford said...

Sounds like heaven! DO IT!