Thursday, March 20, 2008

Eeeeeeek !!!!! I saw a mouse.......

Actually I think there may be several! So whilest at the
Wal~mart yesterday, I got some traps. I hate to kill them but I'm just not up to sharing our house with a tribe of I watched one crawl under my linen closet yesterday morning. It was kinda funny. He/she/it had to get real flat to do that. Pretty impressive if you ask me. I'm sure that's just par for the course in the mouse world but in tt's world....impressive. Then, then.... after dinner last night I was telling Lovee about the traps I'd bought and how he'd have to check on them b/c I just couldn't umm....dispose.... ( sounds heartless doesn't it!) of them....cuz that meant I'd have to touch them***shutter-shutter** and what did I see as I opened the closet door in the laundry room??? I swear it was a movie-star mouse! It did one of those, try-to-run-but-the-floor-is-too-slick-and-I can't-get-any-traction moves. Seriously! Cracked me up! Best performance I've ever seen of a mouse. Really! Oscar material here.
Anyway, Lovee sets the traps and....... viola;'s curtains; acting career is over!.
This morning, we morned the loss of two more Mighty-Mouses. Sad actually. I mean, what harm were they doing? Lovee said there was plenty of harm we just haven't seen it yet. I know they breed faster than rabbits but actually I think they're kinda cute. I know....silly tt!


CheekyMonkey said...

*shaking head violently* GET OUTTA THERE!

Feel the same as you chicka. I think they are SO cute, just like squirrels, but in the end, they do a lot of damage. Sad.. but true.

tt said...

Monkey: told ya!! You = me. ha