Sunday, March 30, 2008


So, Lovee and I rented 3 videos on date night. We got through 1/2 of the first one before we got sleepy. That one was, Dave in Real Life. It's a cute movie; rather predictable but we enjoyed it. Steve Carrell is a hoot in any movie he's in. We finished it yesterday afternoon.

After that was over we decided to take the plunge and watch Brokeback Mountian. We finished that just a while ago. What do I say about that? It wasn't as shocking as I'd been led to believe. Actually I thought it was a tragic love story. I got throat lumps more than a couple of times. Why is it so hard for people to understand love? A man and a woman...2 women...2 men....who cares. It's love. I would hate to be told I wasn't allowed to be with my Lovee because he was a! So what? That's part of what attracts me to him. If the situation were reversed and man/woman relationships were scorned at....I'd still have to go with my heart. Life is too short to live w/o someone who gets you clear to your soul. That's just my opinion. I don't think Lovee felt as deeply as I did for the characters...but he did say it was a very sad movie.

The next movie we've got to watch is American Gangster. That has Denzel Washington. Woo-hoo..what a hottie. Not sure if I'm going to like him being the bad guy. I prefer him as the good guy. We'll see. He a fabulous actor though. One of my favs.

So, have any of ya'll seen these Movies? What are your thoughts??
That's it. Lovee and I have to take the parentals to a funeral this evening before we take them to dinner. Lovely. I think we may opt for getting pizza and taking it back to their house. Works for me.


Rick Rockhill said...

I saw both Dave's real world and Brokeback, liked em both too. there are tons of movies I need o get caught up on!

Dianne said...

I haven't seen any of them, I'm so far behind in movies, books, life.

I love Steve Carell as an actor. Did you see Little Miss Sunshine?

And Oh My Denzel - hottie is right.

And Amen to - Love IS Love.

Diane J Standiford said...

Just finished Dave's RW today; I am a sucker for love stories, so of course I loved it--I HATE how they advertise such poignant movies as laugh fests (movies I DON'T like) just to garner the Carell fans. They do the same thing when Robin Williams plays in a drama---package it as a comedy and it flops at box office. Grrr
Brokeback Mt.--a gay must see, so sure I bought it and was a bit disappointed after all the hype. But performances were oscar worthy.
Funerals, gees,sorry, pizza will end the day well.

Anonymous said...

Love Dave I.R.L. movie for one reason. I felt good after it was over. It was a great sit down and relax movie with a simple story that was fun an ROMANTIC. Haven't seen the others.
Auntie, I think I have a movie you might like. But your going to need to squish your grape a little to follow. "Atonement". I doubt you'll find it predictable.

tt said...

13: Atonement is on my list of movies to see. The list is long as we usually wait untill they're on DVD. Lovee and i are both suckers for so called 'chick' flicks and movies that make us smile in general. But every now and then we've got to see something that makes our grape squish a bit.

PSS: Are we ever caught up?? We aren't ...too much to do...I think we need to change that..put more fluff in our day.

dianne: I'm behind too. I have 2 books I'm trying to finish...I get sleepy when I read.
Yep..Love will always = love. A no brainer for me.

djs:Why do they advertise movies so blaintly wrong anyway?? Screws with my mind. I know Brokeback mt is a gay must see....but i think the breeder population should too. Anything to put some understanding out there!

R.E.H. said...

I haven't seen any one of these movies... and the only one I plan to see would be American Gangster.

Sunshine said...

Punky and I most likely won't watch American Gangster... not our type of flick. You know we saw the other two. And... Atonement was a decent movie. Not one I'd watch again, but decent. We just watched Stephen King's 'Mist.' It was different, but ok. Don't watch it... dismemberment and all. If you haven't seen Little Miss Sunshine, you need to rent that next. TOO CUTE!!! xo