Monday, March 31, 2008

my " I don't like list"....

1. Google reader
2. Stuck up people
3. road rage
4. sarcasim 24/7/365
5. ignorance
6. dismemberment in movies
7. liver and onions
8. sloppy neighbors
9. 'friends' who ignore me ( that probably needs explaining but I'll save it for another post)
10. having to ask permission
11. death
12. being away from Lovee
13. forgetting things

There's more I'm sure but my brain is just way too relaxed today to remember them. We had thunderstorms today which always make me sleepy. I wasn't productive at all because of it but I'm telling myself it's ok. A wee bit of down time is good yes?
Lovee fixed our dinner early today. Which was one of my all time favorite meals. Salmon patties and spinich and spuds! Mmmmmmmm good! Of course, our bellies got all full which led to us having the 'little pig' syndrome. Lovee needed a nap so I decided to read blogs. We were watching the last of our rented DVD's American Gangster...which is interesting so far. I just hate that someone as violent as this guy is made famous through a film. Well, he was famous before the film with the other gangster people I guess, years ago, but I'd never heard about him. So why are we watching it??? Good question. My only response to that is ..Denzel. H.O.T!!!! Not sure Lovee thinks that way** snicker-snicker** but it works for me. :)
Better go finish it.


Dianne said...

yes, a wee bit of down time is good.

I like your list. I will confess that when I was younger and always angry I was sarcastic 24/7.

It was exhausting to me and anyone around me, so glad I fixed that - it gets in the way of being a real person. Although well placed sarcasm is magical ;)

tt said...

diane: i LOVE well placed sarcasm...I use it myself. Hard for me to picture you as sarcastic so much. You have such an expressive way with words. I love reading you!!!! But we do what we can to get through those moments right?

Allison Horner said...

I dislike most of those things, too.

I really don't do well with stuck up people. I am always the most comfortable around down-to-earth people. :)

Sunshine said...

You forgot one... faces that blur by moving side to side really fast :) HEHE. Gotta love me!