Thursday, March 20, 2008

We're getting a visitor .....!!! not of the Mouse variety either

So on Wednesday, we get to see our Squiddly!!!!! There's a pic of him and his lovely wife on my side bar. I'm soooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He's driving out to Virginia, from California, to go to the FBI National Academy at Quantico. Lovee got to go there back in I think. It's a 'feather in your cap' kind of thing for law enforcement people. It's been waaayyyyyyyyy to long since we've seen him. Possibly 7 years or so, maybe longer. He's going to retire this year from the Navy..... I think.

Anyway, he'll be here one night, which isn't much but as I always say...some time is better than no time. Right? Then......after graduation, he and the lovely Mrs. Squiddly and their beautiful boy urchins will stop in for a visit. She and the youngin's are flying out there to see him graduate. How cool is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully I'll get some good pictures to post.
He isn't actually an 'official-biological' urchin. But like so many others, we call him ours. That's just the way we roll. We're collectors I guess. We collect urchins. There's always room for one more right?
So........let's get to the weekend and get it done.....I hate to waste a perfectly good weekend but I'm anxious......and bring on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!


CheekyMonkey said...

Awww.. that's so exciting! Hopefully he'll get there early enough to squish the grape and chit chat and eat and laugh and get lots of hugs, cuz hugs are really good...well, in my opinion they are.

tt said...

Monkey: he's gonna be squeezed so much he'll have rings around him!! I'm a hugger ya know.