Thursday, March 13, 2008

What's wrong with people???'s the deal. I'm not sure if this is acceptable or not to put a link on here. But I just can't stand back and allow someone to spread this kind of hate. There is a woman here in my great state who's in the House of Rep. ( I think) who is spreading so much garbage about gays that I think I may puke if I hear it one more time. I was visiting a fellow bloggers site and came across it. I urge you to go to Diane's blog and read all about it. If not; simply click on the link above.
My mouth is not taped shut!!!!!!!!


CheekyMonkey said...

That's BS. I can't stand ignorant people like that.

Jen said...

And people are up in arms over a governor and a hooker. That wasn't hate. THIS is hate. A speech of hate.

I'm not saying cheating on your wife is okay; it's not, but this involves hatred. He hurt no one but his family; she hurts hundreds and hundreds.

No one is taking this up in the news? Why?

tt said...

Cheeky: It's total bs!! I'll never understand how ppl like that gain so much power.

Jen: I know right! i HEARD ONE WEE SNIPPET ON THE RADIO THIS MORNING. THAT'S ALL. (sorry about the caps ;)) I'm completely dumbfounded how ppl gt away with saying that shit!

Anonymous said...

You are always welcome to link to my blog if you find it relevant.

Here is a direct link to the petition calling for Rep. Sally Kerns' TERMINATION:

This petition will be presented to the U.S. House of Representatives once it has 10,000 signatures. Please sign and pass the link around **LIBERALLY**!


Sunshine said...

OMG MOM! I am so completely outraged. She has no clue what she just said... no idea that what she said was gay-bashing. I signed the petition and so did Punky. This BITCH has got to go!!!!!!!