Monday, May 14, 2007

gotta phone call tonight

From ETK..........She takes time out of her very busy schedule to call me at least one or twice a week just to chat! How sweet is that! Lovee and i get so excited whenever she calls. I want to talk to a bunch of ppl , but somehow I never seem to make the time....that's the key right there.
She 'makes' the time. When I grow up I want to be just like her! :)
Geesh, how much longer will I have to wait? ( to grow up)
When my BFF and I went and got out tatoo's for our 50th birthdays I told the tattoo artist that I finally felt 'grownup' now! geez-o-pete.........I was 50 and finally allowed myself to get something I always wanted but was too afraid of what other ppl would think. Guess i need to take more charge of my life. Ya think?!
I'm on the right track I think though.
Still get randon ridiculous thoughhts going through the ol' grape, but that's part of what makes me ,me I think. No cookie cutter here that's for sure.
I used to anoy my BFF so often w/ my sillies and dumb ideas. Ha-ha I think I still could.... :)..but I hate to push her buttons now that I'm older. Of course she's in such a good place now that I doubt I could do it too often. I wouldn't want to anyway. xo
When you've known someone for, ah...lets see....37 years......38 in June, I needs to rethink and remember what 's important and let go of superfulous stuff. Right? in other of us needs to call more often....even if it's to just say " hi, how was your day" just to hear the others voice.
Oh, shit!! Those damn pills I take every night have started kicking in monsterously.....once again the backspace key is being used too muchh.
good thought s for everyone...


Tweb said...

I constantly guilt myself because I need to "make" more time to pay attention to those that I love and call them and talk and what not. If I didn't guilt myself, I'd never do it. I'm currently working on guilting myself into that whole holiday card thing that ETK is so good at... Oh she makes it look so easy!!

Hey, when's your birfday!?!? Did I miss it? SHall I sing for you?

tt said...

ha ha ha
You've got until July to practice!!!! Start tuning up cuz i wanna hear a preggo rendition!
Cards are EZ....Just buy them all at one time....dedicate a few hours to shopping for nothing but cards.......
She is the best tho!!

ETK said...

I do rock. :)

Joke! So - cards, yeah, just dedicate a saturday or sunday morning to card shopping for any and every kind. You could even dedicate a starbucks afternoon to filling them out and then there ready and waitin' to go.

Of course, don't think I follow that advice or anything. :) I try to do a monthly trip - but I'm hit and miss on being timely with cards.

ETK said...

Oh yeah - and you just need to pick up the phone and say "hey - don't have time, just wanted to say hi!" :) No?