Friday, May 25, 2007

rain,rain go away

come again some other day!! I like rain. Really I do. But i'm in great need of some sunshine. We've had intirely too much of the wet stuff. It's starting to affect me and the parental units. Rainy weather makes the Mom hurt and the Dad justs sits around; consequently so do I. Fortunately this is one of my 'half' days. After the Credit Union stop for $$, the bread store for......bread, of all things and the Beauty Parlor, I get to go home. YEA!! This is Pot Pie night and after I set the oven Mom can handle the rest.
Sooo, with that in mind, I think I'll try to get my own hair shaped up. Not cut but shaped up a bit. It refuses to cooperate with me in the mornings. I end up putting at least half a can of spray 'glue' on it just to ........just to.........hummmmm, Not sure what I'm trying to say. Ahhhh, hold it in some semblance of a style........that's it!

Of course I'm going to go to the gal whom I said I wouldn't go back to. She chopped me so bad last time that I vowed never to grace her doorstep again. So much for vows! I just want a wee trim to help in the growing out phase I'm going through. Just a gentle shaping would be nice.
I'm really apprehensive about going to her why am I planning to do it? I don't know. Maybe someone at the Mom's shop will be available. That scares me too. I don't wanna come out with a blue rinse on my hair looking like a little old lady with a boufont hairdo! YIKES!

Lord have mercy...I'm so anal about my hair.

Tonight we've got my stepgranddaughters High School graduation to go to. Yay for E !!! She's one smart cookie! Got a scholarship to a big University here.
I never liked the word step when used to describe people. What's a step anyway? Big step, little step, step back, step forward, step off, step around..............ya know, the more you say that word the weirder it sounds! I'm a 'step' grandma, step sister-inlaw, step daughter in-law...........why step? Why the need to differentiate the two relationships. It makes it seem like one is more important than the others which is exactly why I don't like it.
Just some rambles of a caregiverperson who at this point of the day is putting off getting ready for 'work'. ha..........more procrastination........I love it.


Tweb said...

NOOOOO!!!! Don't do it! Don't break your vow! I did that and ended up with the worst haircut of my life! it took me 6 months to get this crap to grow out. I looked like a boy for 6 months... I was miserable... ugh, tt...good luck sweets...good luck.

ETK said...

Maybe you should schedule a massage for that day off or something??? HUH?

Why don't you try a new salon - that'd be a better bet than the old lady stylist or the one you vowed not to see!!!!!! :)

Why don't you answer my calls any more? Is it 'cause I ask too many questions or 'cause I don't shut up and let you answer? :)

tt said...

uhhh..what calls???!!!
Ok, got the message loud and clear.
the massage is a good idea, since I have a gift cert. for it! :)
More later.......