Saturday, May 5, 2007

Road work & stoopido ppl

Why is it that the Hwy Dept decided to do repair work during rush hour? I know it's not planned that way, as least I try not to buy into that whole comspiracy theory, BUT..why can't they stop doing it when rush hour starts? AND, why don't they give ppl a heads-up that 2 out of 3 lanes will be closed up ahead ...say..I don't know....maybe a 1/2 mile before instead of right where they're working? Geesh.....everything bottle necks and it takes a half hout to go 1 mile!
I haven't had to experience rush hour traffic in YEARS! Now that I drive to the parents house every day I'm in the mix. UCK-O!!!! I saw a wreck on Monday and Tuesday...and had to deal w/ that whole repair job yesterday. It is what it is i guess. Can't change it so I might as well accept it but, I can certainly bitch about it if I want to!


This has got to be the first week in, I don't know how many years, that went so smooth I wondered if I was on the right planet. I had a headache everyday but I think that was sinus related. No stress. Happy face was genuine, not painted on, during the paint and spackle phase of my morning routine.
It's Saturday so that means Denny's for breakfast. Every Saturday. There's comfort in a routine for the parents. So, better get my arse going before I'm late and they think I've been in a wreck on that dreaded HWY 169!!
Obviously they've never been to Houston!!!!!!!!!!! Or Dallas....or Chicago....or ATL!!


Sunshine said...

Welcome to my world of rush hour!! haha. You'll get used to it. Anymore if I I'm not forced to wait in traffic... something feels off. Give it a month and it will feel normal :)

I'm glad your first week went smoothly. But something's got to give with the 7-days a week thing! I'm not too sure I like that.

tt said...

sorry babe, " it is what it is"

Tweb said...

{{teehee hee}}

you said stoopido. I love that word.