Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Good Lord I was sick yesterday!
Still not sure if it's a major allergy thing or a cold. I hardly ever get a sore throat but mine felt raw! the nose leaked constantly.....regular drill. The Mom said it was probably allergy cuz I was playing in the dirt the day before and I have a big allergy to mold. Hummm, that's a thought. She let me go home early, that was nice. Had I still been at the bank I would have called in sick!
We had a dozen errands to run yesterday. And naturally it rained...again! That didn't help. Did the ironing, cleaned the room and bath my B-inlaw used, went to the Walmart to compare mulch prices to Home depot, grocery store, did the pill counting for both of them and of course...put lotion on the Dad's feet. :) My Mom said he was being pampered. I reminder her that she gets pampered at the nail salon. She agreed.
Anyway, today I've got to get about 10 bags of mulch before I head that way. Hope someone is there to load it into Suzi!

I'm feeling better today though, so that's a plus. No sore throat! YEA!!!!

MADE the time to make a quick call to my BFF. I felt better after I did that so I called the girls at work and chatted a bit too. What ever did we do before cell phones?
I hate to waste time, which is what driving does...right? I mean, you just sit there listening to the radio or in my case blaring my Josh Grobin CD......which put a song in my head that won't leave and I end up humming it ALL night. Hate that!! with a cell phone you can take care of keeping in touch. No long conversations but enough to let someone know you're thinking about them. I'm a bit anal about using my ear bud. It's a pet peeve. Ppl w/o them drive way to stupid for me.


Gotta get my home chores done now. I can't figure out if we're just dirty messy ppl or if we're clean freaks! For just 2 ppl living here we seem to have alot of dirty clothes. Why is that?
And Lovee has banished the little mutts to the kitchen so my kitchen floor is ALWAYS dirty and needs a good swiffering! If I don't get off this puter it'll never get done!

Enjoy your day!


Tweb said...

Then you must lurve me cuz Fernando (Fred, the jeep) has Uconnect (bluetooth) so when my cell phone rings, my navigation system pics up and the call goes through my speakers. Viola! No hand held phone!

SO glad to hear that sore throat is gone, I get that every year when Babe first turns on the AC. Boo!!

tt said...

Fred and Suzi need to do some seriously hooking up!! I want that!! I'm green now.

Sunshine said...

I'm glad you're feeling better ma :) xo