Monday, May 14, 2007

Third week

seems like I've been there longer... hummmm...
Today was a really good day though. I got 8 Azeleas planted! Had to turn the dirt up and weed the garden then add some peat moss then plant. Took me about 3 hours but I really enjoyed it. Sweated my eyeballs out and ended up w/ all my makeup on the inside of my shirt! My Mom, bless her heart, brought me a cold,wet towel to wipe my face with and to help cool me off. it was only 90 today but very humid. I always loved playing in the dirt as a's gotten a bit more complicated now but still fun!


Took the Dad to see the Diabetic Dr. today. He's doing good. As she checked his feet I noticed how dry and scaly his feet and legs were so tomorrow I'm gonna lotion him up. Probably right after i do the daily mani ! He told me about a rough nail before I even put my purse down.....cracked me up. He is getting soooo pampered. It's ok w/ me tho!


As I was fixing part of their dinner tonight my Mom mentioned that I was a " neat cook"...I sorta did a "huh?" thing and she said " You clean up as you go, that's a neat cook"...Well, I said....." I've got a touch of OCD and it kicks in whenever I'm cooking".
She said she never noticed that about me before. Interesting..... We are noticing things about each other that we have either never known or forgot or never noticed. She's even letting her humor show through at times. That's a rare thing anymore. I'm enjoying it.
She's even becoming concerned about me working so much and wants to figure out how to give me more time off!!!!! Can you believe that Sisterlittle!! She decided Fridays I could leave as soon as she's finished at the hairdresser. That'll make it about 1 p.m.....Fridays are "pot pie' nights....every Friday!.........I'm soooo good with that arrangement. :) I'll set the oven before I go and she can put them on a tray and turn the dial to Bake. Dinner is done!
Now I've gotta figure out Sundays.......that's their usual 'eat out' day. I need to try and change that to a week day..... hummmmmmm

My Mom is concerned that i may decide to quit one day. Awwww, that made me sad. I assured her I will never do that. So then she got concerned that something catastrophic may happen and THEN what would they do?? I had to reasure her that arrangements could be made in the unlikely event that a Semi plowed through me on the dreaded HWY 169. Bless her heart..she is so relaxing and enjoying this. Should have done it sooner.
I know, hindsight is 20/20. None of us were ready to commit to this sooner or we would have I'm sure.
I do think this journey, as I've called it, may be a most uneventful one. Probably more mundane and ordinary than I first thought. Why? Because they are both relaxing so much more than I ever thought they would. Plus, my Aha moment about my Mom not trying to tell me what to do so much as trying to keep a wee bit of control.
So...we'll see.
It is what it is!
Thanks tweb! :)


Tweb said...

For pete's sake... I am you, just a wee bit younger. For real.

I drive Babe nuts because when I do cook,I'm a neat cook. Clean as I go. Why not? I mean, if you clean as you go, you won't have a monster pile to clean when you're finished and you wont' have to work around dirty dishes and counters! That's just too funny....

tt said...

Told you !!!!!!.....Strange things happen in this universe don't they??!!