Thursday, May 10, 2007

Webbed tootsies

I love thunder storms and rain and all but seriously....I think I noticed my toes starting to grow some webbing! We've had waayyy too much rain lately. So much tht the air is starting to smell like a swamp! Hear come the musquitos! Yucko!! Those little buggers don't bother me much but Lovee is a magnet for them. Itchie-itchie!
Nothing really new is happening on the parent front. In fact, since my 'aha' moment, things have been very relaxed. No stress.
My Dad mentions it time for his mani almost before I even set my purse down. How sweet it that. I think he likes the individual attention. So do I.
He was measured at the Dr. office the other day. They say he's 5'6"...he used to be 5'10"...but actually he's about 5'3" when he's walking around. It hurts for him to stand up straight so he walks around sort of hunched over and looks me square in the eye balls. So sweet. I also am his hairdresser! I buzz his little bald head and trim the wires he calls eyebrows and burr out his ears. Ah, the fun times of a daughter and her Daddy! Priceless.
the pills are kicking in...i'm suing the backspace bar way too many times........later!
hugs to all!
tt-out ;)


Tweb said...

I'm jealous of your time with your dad!

tt said...

Awww, that made my eyes leak. Live the life experiences with a Dad through about that? It could be sorta fair cuz I live vicariously through you. Maybe?