Thursday, May 17, 2007

You might want to get some cheese

to go with what you're about to read....Ok, I'm finally out of my delusion that what's wrong w/ me is just allergies. It's a dadgum cold.
For real! I hate colds. I know nobody likes them but they make me a bit of a whiner and I hate whiners!( did you get some crackers for the cheese yet?) It's the stuffy head feeling that gets to me. Go away. Needless to say, my sleep was interupted alot last night. Plus..this morning I found some medicine that help w/ congestion but it's for nighttime........I took it anyway, what the heck. It's gonna be a sleepy day fo sho!

On a more positive note, the Dad loved the mulch in the flower bed in front of the house so much that this morning I have to go get some more to put in the backyard flower bed! He's kinda slow to warm up to ideas that cost $$. He a squeezer when it comes to parting w/ $$. So I get to do that today.....bring on the sweat...again. I've also got to get the hedge trimmers out and do the front holly bushes. Those lil mothers really hurt when you get too close.
I like yard work but not w/ this dang cold. UGH!!
I need sleep or good rest or anything for some relief.........blah,blah,blah.........


Tweb said...

See, nothing I love more than workin out in the hot weather in the yard when I have a cold. I look at it like, a little cold bug guy (kinda like that gross toenail fungus creature on some commercial) runnin amuck inside my normally healthy body...and by workin outside, I'm sweatin that lil freak out! GETTOUTTAHERE!!

tt said...

That was a really good ( gross) visual. I'll keep that in mind for next time. I'll be sweatin' and giggling at the same time! ha