Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Funday to me....

It's Monday and I'm off again!!! Woo-hoo!!
That's 2 Mondays in a row. Could be the start of something good or possibly the calm before the storm. Don't know,don't care. I'm just gonna roll with it and relax.

It's freaking cold here!! It's not -3 like at TWEB's but it's about 10 or 12 I think. And it's spitting rain and very windy. I'm not liking it much but I am liking the fireplace making the living room all cozy.
Lovee is in the kitchen getting dinner ready for the oven. That's the best part. He's cooking! He does that quite a lot actually. I'm so ok with it that I wonder what's up whenever he isn't cooking. He even shampooed all the carpet yesterday!! AND I didn't even ask him to.!!
I gotta tell ya....I got me a good one! Of course after being married for 34 years, I guess we've got stuff figured out. Like, how he does inside and outside. It wasn't always that way...but through the years it's just evolved. I'm just lucky is all I'm saying and I love him awful!
I not being a total slacker. The washing machine is making some soon the dryer will too.....and um.....I did go to the Wal~mart today and pickup a few items. Of course they were items for Lovee to make dinner with, but it still counts right?

My world is very calm today and I'm happy.
I'll leave it at that.

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