Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New day...New year....

I hope this coming year will bring about changes. I know it will in some form but I want the changes to be in ME. I want to see changes in the way I view my parents. Not big changes but I want to be more compassionate towards my Mom and hopefully gain some...geez...I don't know what to call the change I want to see towards my Dad; let's just call it...umm....the shrugs. His mind isn't working like it should or even close to the way it used to. His thought process is really wack-o at times and he wants to do things that don't really make sense...so hopefully I can just 'shrug' it off and go with it. It's useless to try and change his mind when it gets made up. Of course a lot of ppl are that way.....but his is a wee bit more pronounced.

That's ok. Who knows what my mind will be like if I'm lucky enough to make 82. I actually get a chuckle thinking of that. I'll bet ya I'll be a handful! It'll be 'bitch' this and 'rat bastard' that and 'F**k off dude'....and of course my favorite...s**t-F**k-Damn! And possibly a 'wow, nice rack girlie' as I juggle some gals boobies..( *wink-wink* Alli) And that'll probably be on my mild days. Something stupido will set me off like.... we're out of bologna.

We'll see.
The roller coaster ride hasn't even left the platform yet.....stay tuned.

I'm off to 'work' now.......
enjoy your day off!


ETK said...

Love you bunches and happy new year!!! :)

Allison Horner said...


Happy New Year!!!