Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sending Great vibes to Alli!!!

Today is 'The Exam'.!!!! Today she will become 'Alli - Physician's Assistant Extraordinaire'.
She's going to completely Ace this exam and finally be through studying for a while.
She's an amazingly bright and selfless person, determined to be of service to her fellow mankind.

It's been a long road but she's finally reached the proverbial 'light' at the end of her tunnel.
So, go get-em Alli!

Don't forget to breathe,eat chocolate and of course...caffeine!(Dunkin Donuts coffee perhaps?)
A big, squishy, puffy heart to you.....and
mucho hugs.


Tweb said...

I'll send out a lil love and go get'em vibes to Alli!!!! Rock on!!

Allison Horner said...

Man, you all are making me feel all squishy inside & making my eyes leak in the process. :)

Tanks, Y'all!

It feels good to have it over with. Now I can just let my mind go numb for a while. :)