Friday, January 18, 2008

ponders and posers

I have a question.
*******Let me digress for a moment. As I wrote that it occurred to me that the question I'm about to ask may have already been asked. It's a question that pops into my grape every now and then and has since I was a teenager. I think it so much, that I keep wondering if I've already asked it. So, if I have just ignore me...for now.*******

Here it is...if any of my friends knew me as I know me would they still like me?

It's not as simple a question as it seems. Everyone has things in their past or thoughts or musings that other people might take offense to. Only we ( read:me) know ourselves totally and completely. We choose what items in our grape we want to share with others. We hold back so to speak, the things we 'think' may not be too well received by others. We may be able to share something with Sally that we can't even think about sharing with Tom. Because we know these people and have a fairly good understanding about their likes and dislikes and views on different topics etc.
I think everybody exposes only a fraction of themselves. Because of my question....would this person like me if they knew.........???????......

It's very important to be liked isn't it. Oh, there are those people that we could care less if they didn't like us b/c we don't like them. And why don't we like them???? Maybe it's because we noticed something about them that just rubs us the wrong way, or they told us something that we decided ( after hearing it) we can't be a part of their life anymore...the list is endless. Perhaps they showed us a glimpse of themselves that they should have kept hidden. Which goes back to my original question.

It's stupid shit like that, that gets stuck in my grape and then I have to squish it. Now that that's done I'll have more room for other nonsensical stuff to infiltrate my already overloaded grape.
(Squish the grape juice tt.......get it all's getting crowded up there. It's not so caverness that you have an endless storage supply you know)
and here's another question. This one is probbly more important. Why do I think up these things in the first place? I don't want to get all Freudian and shit. But geesh! Stoopid shit like that goes around and around and starts bouncing off perfectly good thoughts which gets me distracted. As if my ADD wasn't bad enough.
Ok....I'll stop now. I'm about to confuse myself and then I'll get a whole new group of perfectly worthless shit roaming around up there.


Allison Horner said...

TT, how could anyone NOT like you??? You are the sweetest, most loving person. I liked you the minute I met you. :) You just give off that good vice. So, I think everyone would like you no matter what. :)

Tweb said...

I think if people knew me the way I know me... they would feel dizzy.

This and that, that and this. Too much going on in that gray matter to hang on to. Like a ginormous tornado in my grape. A squishy tornado. Yeah, so it's not about whether or not they'd like me, it's more about whether or not they'd have motion sickness. :)

R.E.H. said...

Interesting thoughts... almost scary.

Makes me wonder - would anyone like me if they knew everything about me?

While I don't think I act differently among certain groups of friends or individuals... maybe I do, on a subconscious level?

Allison Horner said...

LOL! I meant you give off a good vibe...not vice. You are not a vice...HAHAHA.

tt said...

Ya'll are funny! Here's what
I mean: Say you went out and got knee walking,comode hugging drunk and on your way home you stopped off at another bar and did lap dances for all the drunks then went out back and screwed half of them; left and went to the 7/11 and stole some stuff; robbed an old lady later on; then called in sick the next day telling your boss you ha the flu.
That sort of stuff. Weird stuff. Think you'd admit it lateron to say, your boyfriend or girlfriend or the pastor of your church...etc..