Tuesday, January 15, 2008

whadayaget when you let your guard down??

S.O.S.D.D that's what.
Same old shit different day. I'm not sure when I let my guard down at the parents. I guess while I was trying to be more compassionate with the Mom.
The funeral was today. That started it. And it makes me so freaking tired to even rethink the whole thing that I'm not even going to do it.
Let's just say that in a few days I'll look the family up and apologize to them for ducking out the back door and not sticking around to give out the proper niceities.(sfd.....she says sadly)
nuff said. I'm sad.
I'm going to bed and hope for a nicer tomorrow.
It's supposed to snow.....that will at least give the appearance of beauty. Even if it's lacking some places.

Go to bed tt.....you're getting snide and cranky.
I know...that's the way I roll sometimes....I'm over 5o....it happens...
No excuse.......don't stoop that low remember?
Oops, I forgot......thanks for the reminder.......I'm off to bed now...........Zzzzzzzz


R.E.H. said...

Sleep well, TT. Hope you will wake up to a better tomorrow. It's never nice to feel down.

tt said...

reh- thanks. I did sleep well and I'm ready for a new day. Any day w/o a funeral can't be all bad right?

Allison Horner said...

Glad you slept well, tt!

You have every right to be cranky after a sad day.

Gosh! Too many funerals for you lately!!!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Hope sleep easily came your way and that today was filled with beauty!

Tweb said...

WEll geeze, had I known you were a cranky pants I would have turned up that long drawn out email I sent you a bit!!!

Smooches honey... iiwii... :)

tt said...

Alli- I know right! Geez...too many.

Real live lesbian...welcome.!!I really appreciate you stopping by. thanks for the boost. Your blog cracks me up btw. I love laughs!

Tweb- you know i love you and your smooches!

ETK said...

Aww - tt!! I haven't talked to you in ages. I will call tomorrow. LOVE YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Auntie, sorry for the bad day. A long distance tweek for you. A tweek a day keeps the blues away.

tt said...

ETK-Love you more!!!!! :)
13--You know i love a good tweakin'....especially when I'm the tweaker..um, not the tweakee..
thanks 13...you blew me away by commenting! :)