Monday, January 14, 2008


Went to my old job today to have lunch with some gals. Fun!!! It felt so good to get together and catch up on some office and local town gossip. Not to mention have a conversation with out 'looping' it. :) I got to visit with my buddy '13'. He's just the sweetest guy you'd ever want to work with. Anywho, he passed on a little tidbit for avoiding a hangover. Yep....It's his tried and true method. According to 13, drink a huge bottle of V-8 juice along with 6 Ibuprofen. Uh-huh...that's his remedy. He says he's still tired in the morning and experiences a headache during the night but not in the morning. So, I thought I'd just pass that along.

Plus he gave me the book value for Dad's Mustang. Anyone want to buy a 1991 Mustang GT with only 89000 miles on it? I'll give ya a good deal I promise. It's a sweet ride I tell ya. His main usage of it consisted of driving to the club to play golf. That's Mom didn't like to ride in it so her car was used for everything else.

I finally did it. I locked my keys in Suzi-"Su-V today while I was at my old job. SFD!! I've been waiting to do that since I got her last February. I almost made it a year. I have a remote fob to lock it and stuff but I don't always use it. I'm used to hitting the lock on the door. Which is what I did right after I sat the keys on the console. I'm such an Igmo at times. Duh! Luckily the Boss called his friend who came and opened it for me. I only got a few minutes of grief from him after that.

Lovee and I got the kitty fixed today. My 97 Cougar needed a wee bit of fixing. The water pump we had fixed after our fabulous trip to Az in 2006 went out again. hummmm, we found a different mechanic this time. I know it's possible for it to go bad so soon but not probable. That guy's on my shit list as of today. Anyway, she's purring pretty now.

I was off today. The whole day. No alarm clock. No schedule. A whole day to do as I please. And I did for the most part. It felt a bit weird. But then I was knocked back into reality when the Mom called me about an hour ago. She wanted to remind me of the Funeral we have to attend tomorrow...coz I sometimes forget things....and she's my reminder. Not to mention all she has to do all day is lay on her 'love seat' and think. I'm as ready for the funeral as I can be. It will be nice to see my old friend ( first official boyfriend) but I hate the occasion. Hate it!


meno said...

Drinking and ibuprofen? That's a liver overload.

tt said...

meno- I know right! I think I'd rather just pay the piper :)

Tweb said...

Tee heee hee... you said you got kitty fixed... and I thought as I scratched my melon:

She's got cats?

R.E.H. said...

I've got a hang-over remedy as well... much safer than the one described above ;)

Eat some greasy food (any kind is good - hamburgers, taco's, pizza), and drink 3-4 large glasses of milk before you hit the sack.

Once you wake up - you'll be tired (that I know no cure of), and you'll need to pay a visit to the little private room (sometimes not so pleasant - but, no puking, I promise... just a number two)... and you're good as new!

tt said...

Tweb- I do have one kittie, Tabbycat. He's outside only though but he's precious! ETK has a really good pic of him on her blog
reh- I like your remedy better! Actually that's about what I USED to do...back in the day...when I was seriously younger and it didn't take so long to recover. ;)Number to is a cure-all sometimes isn't it?! Ha- I LOVE poop stories :)