Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ridiculous Rambles...really!

Have you ever had what you thought was an 'aha' moment and in the same second realized just how ridiculous that thought was? I've had so many, it's almost embarrassing to admit it. So why am I going to tell you one of them? I'm not sure. Maybe because the biggest 'aha' moment I had, led me to think about something I wouldn't have otherwise. Make sense? Probably not to the masses but in my grape it makes perfect sense. Sad isn't it? ;)
Let me squish it for you:

Several years ago as I was driving down the Highway to the parentals house, I was struck by all the 'man made' structures dotting the landscape. The more I looked around the more I saw. Airplanes, telephone poles,steel buildings,roads,cars,fences,signs. You name it. Everything I saw made me look for more. That's when I had my 'aha' moment.
" Egads! I wonder if the earth is getting heavier because of all the stuff that's been invented and put in different places?"

Seriously! It hit me like a ton of bricks. I thought that, for as long as it took to think, which is what?...a nano second maybe? And then I had another 'aha' moment. 'Well shit tt, how stupid can you be, it ALL CAME FROM THE EARTH! We didn't 'export' it from another planet silly.... someone invented it all...from this" It's just been put in different places that's all.
Well, duh!

So, I had to think about everything. Literally. It was exhausting! Because that made me wonder when and how the first person who thought of an invention...came up with it. Like what made someone think that something from a silkworm could be made into cloth? When someone saw the first cotton plant and it's fuzzy balls, what made them think'that could be cloth? What made someone think that a tree could be made into paper and thousands of other products? Minerals in the earth could be made into steel and aluminum and refined metals??? That mold, of all things could in it's refined state, cure illnesses? What kind of a mind is it that thinks up uses for obscure things like that?
I'm jealous. Completely. To have a mind like that; to use it to it's fullest capacity; to discover wonderful cures and treatments. Wow.
My mind? It's mainly used for nonsensical stuff really. Can you tell? What a waste.


Anonymous said...

I strongly disagree auntie. Let me step up on my soap box. Your mind has been a most valuable resource to help guide my trip through Alice's Wonderland (life)on many occasions. So to say you have not provided a treatment is in error. Not all of us can be inventors, but we can help our fellow humans just as much in different ways.

CheekyMonkey said...

Um... your mind is NOT a waste. It's here for the sole purpose of entertaining me and instigating my gray matter. :) Job well done sweetie.

And that thought, is a good one.. a lb of feathers, a lb of sand, which is heavier? :)

tt said...

Awwwww 13" You always come to my rescue whenever my mind travels down a rocky road don't you! Shit, I think I'm blushing here! Thank you sweetie! You know you're one of my favorite kids...I'll ALWAYS be there for you!

Monkey: Glad I can entertain your gray matter ;)
and I think it's sand..deffinitely!

ETK said...

I don't think that's crazy at all...what I think is crazy is that we have a SURPRISE FOR YOU AND YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS!!!!!!!


CheekyMonkey said...

Ha, she said neener neener neener.. he he he..

tt said...


Anonymous said...

The ability to see something inside of something else and then harvest and use that thing...
The ability to wonder at the marvel of our own mind...
Is perfect evidence for the fact that we were created by a higher power who saw fit to gift us with these minds and the free will to use them to be more like him. That, my dear TT, is God in a nutshell.
Enjoy your time with the kidlets, grown tho' they be. Here's praying that the surprise will be a good'un ;)


tt said...

FMD: You completely blew me away with that!!! It's very thought provoking. thank you for that!!
You, sir, rock!