Sunday, March 9, 2008

what do I say?

you know, I'm very rarely at a loss for words but Friday night when I got home from the parentals and saw my kids all working in the kitchen, busy making dinner( fabulous I might add!), I almost cried! Seriously. The smiles and hugs and playful banter going on between them gave me such a warm fuzzy feeling that my grape almost couldn't process is all. Pups and ETK decided on the menu since none of us could decide where to go out and eat. Lovee and I got home after 6 of course and by the time we would have gotten cleaned up it would have been way too late to go anywhere. So, Sunshine and Pups and ETK were busy prepping. Pups grilled kabobs of chicken and beef with veggies outside ( duh) in the SNOW!! yep, it snowed just for them. :) ETK made the most delicious Greek salad and Jasmine rice, which is my new favorite, and also had Humus and flatbread ready to munch on with some yummy wine that was chilled. Lordie mercy!!! fabulous meal!!
They wouldn't let me out of the kitchen untill Lovee was there. I had to wait for my surprise. It was ok though cuz they were plying me with wine. :) Ha- good call on their part.
When I did get to go into the 'office', walking with my eyes closed, I saw what I thought was my surprise. How cool I thought!! There was a big ol' coconut Flamingo sitting on the bookcase! It's big to...about 18 inches tall or so. I'm a nut for Flamingos. then I spotted another flamingo thing...a plack that says Flamingo Lounge....too cute...then a little wall hanging that says 'Love makes life wonderful'....and that has flamingos on it too! I was so thrilled!! Now, here's where they got me. I sat down at the desk, at their urging, and was looking at all the stuff. they told me to look at the computer. I did. I was looking at what I thought was ETK's laptop and didn't really pay too much attention to it. But they kept looking at me with these shit-eating grins and told me to read the screen on the laptop. OMG...after a couple minutes I think, it sunk in!! I saw where it said 'turn off TT's computer'.....!! I have no words to describe the emotions that came over me. Overwhelmed is a good one though. The grape went into overload for sure! so after dinner we spent time playing with it and they took turns teaching me how to work it and all. ETK installed stuff and wrote out a cheat sheet for me.!!!! She's got pics and stuff. You may have to go to her blog to see hem if you want.
Then they told me that TWEB aka Monkey got me the remote access card thingie to stick in the side of this to get internet access!! WHAT?? Monkey??? she did what??? I don't think it will be possible for me to feel anymore loved than I do right now. Wow....

Tweb....what can I say? I only know you through these blogs....but I feel like you're one of my urchins too! I big.puffy.heart you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so...there's a condensed version of events to my surprise.
I'm still blown away! I'm sitting in my chair in the livingroom and using MY laptop. How cool is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Allison Horner said...

Yah! Welcome to laptop world. becomes addictive. I am surprised my laptop isn't permenantly attached to my lap now.

Glad you had a good weekend! ;)

Jen said...

That's truly amazing!

The weekend seems to be a grand success!

CheekyMonkey said...

Awwww, I'm honored to be one of your urchins. :) I luvs ya tons!!! And I'm SO happy that you have ETK...she's the big brains behind everything... her and her big brains. :) Love that too!!

Speaking of...I'm headed to check her blog, her big brains better have posted pics!!