Wednesday, July 9, 2008

more Pics... :)

Fipps finally gets to meet his twin. It was a fairly emotional meeting for sure. Both boys were more comfortable staying in their respective's the imfamous ETK with me. Good grief!! Fipps is such a camera hog lately. I think he was looking at his likeness on my tank top. Am I silly or what??!! ( and where did that extra chin come from)

Fipps was checking out the breakfast that ETK's 'baby' made for us. Breakfast burittos!! yummy!!

Baby is a great cook and since ETK is like a stalker paparazzi he's always ready with a smile!

Everyone was taking pictures of the skyline so I thought I'd try too. Well, as you can see my wee camera didn't want to cooperate! Figures!

We had Indian food for dinner the first night we were in ATL. Lovee and I had never had that so we were excited to try it. was soooooo good! We were all very content afterwards. If I remember right, Lovee had to roll me to the car! lol

Back in our room, Fipps decided to check things out....again. He wanted some privacy so I had to shut the door. :)

This is a better shot of our room at the Indigo Hotel. It was so charming! See the wallpaper?? Sea rocks I think. Lovee and I almost losteach other in that bed. It was huge!! Well, it was a king, but we don't have one of those.....too big....can't snuggle in those very well....we have to be touching to sleep.
ATL was getting ready for Gay Pride week while we were there. There's a huge church cattywompus accross from ETK. These guys were hanging a banner. Cool!

They were having a time of it as there was quite a bit of wind. Ummm...hello..... of course it's're up 6 stories!!!!!!

That's it for now. More later.


CheekyMonkey said...

You two are gorgeous. :) And those boys are pretty too.

tt said...

CM: thanks suga!