Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Photos...just a few tho...

Here's ETK and Lovee...this is our Hotel in ATL...as soon as I saw the wallpaper I thought of Tali. She has sea salt on her blog. I don't think this is sea salt cuz it's colored...BUT...I thought of her :). The room was fabulous!!!! More pics on this to follow.This is of course, Fipps. He's studying the menu where we had lunch with my nieces and nephews in ATL.
And here's Lovee with the N and N's. I cut one niece out of the pic...Oops! Of course Fipps is a total camera hog so he had to get into the action! lol

Should have had this one first, but I'm not too savy about posting stuff and I went assbackwards :) Fipps is 'nesting 'in our bag of goodies we packed for the road. He was quite content to ride there the whole way to ATL. Boys!!! Sheesh!

and of course the most important person EVER...Lovee. We had just started out and he and Fipps were looking at the ginormous storms that played with us all the way. We didn't care tho cuz we were on the road to our Vacation to see the Fabulous Ms. ETK and her sweetie.

More later. Reality has hit and I've got to get ready for 'work' now. :(
( I hate it when that happens)


CheekyMonkey said...

Yayyy!! I love me some pics!

Look at that damn ETK. COULD she get any more beyootiful?

meno said...

Boo work! Even though you don't get paid for it.

Fipps is cute.

Dianne said...

Fipps looks so content, so happy. It's wonderful how you've changed his life.

Everybody is so lovely!

Allison Horner said...

awwww. Such cute pics! But where are you??? we need more of you! :)

tt said...

CM: She's as cute as they come that's for sure!!! More pics coming!!!!!

Meno: Work is work, pay or no pay right! :) The Fipster is getting a big head now...shhhhhhh

dianne: I'm thinking Fipps may be getting a wee bit too comfortable..not to mention he's been a total camera hog! lol

Alli: Where am I?? In Lovee's camera!! ha ha ha ha ha....I have my camera and he has his....so I'm not in mine too much. See how that works??!! I'm a smart girl! ;)

ETK said...

OMG! When did I get pregnant and why don't I know about it? Who is responsible for this? WHO CAN I BLAME????? WTF - I'm a big fat cow. :)

tt said...

etk: You're gonna be grounded if you talk like that again young lady!!!

Gin said...

Looks like you had a great time! I think it was very sweet of you guys to take Fipps along. It looks like he totally enjoyed himself!