Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Honeymoon is over... :(

First let me say that this vacation that Lovee and I took was exactly what we needed! We had a marvelous time( duh! ) and came back feeling relaxed and refreshed and ready to get back into the daily grind. I do not recommend going 14 months without a break from your job however. That's wayyyy too long.

Anyhoodle.... the parentals were very pleased to have me back. Sisterlittle did a fabulous job with them in my absence but the Mom says she" didn't spoil us as much as you do". what? Well, she says, we had to do more for ourselves. Hummmm...again. Of course, my favorite phrase comes to mind....shitfuckhelldamn!! I created a monster..and didn't know it! Can't undo it's too late. Damage has already been done and it's permanent. Ok fine.

Things have gone very smooth since I'vebeen back to 'work'. Nothing ever came close to ruffling my feathers.......untill today. Yea...nice. I knew it would happen but I had hoped it would be later rather than sooner.'s not even anything big. I'm sure it would roll of most everyones backs if their Mom said it to them. Mom isn't like everyone elses!!!! She's a contro freak who's lost control...she's very self absorbed...she's got OCD like crazy....and she's just plain mean to people at odd times.
So, this morning, as we were driving to our every.Saturday.Denny's. Breakfast.....I was getting ready to make a left turn and was ever so slowly creeping up into the intersection, getting ready to turn (...if that stupid car will finally go past me...) and she says" DON'T CREEP UP" What I say?..."DON'T CREEP UP IT FRUSTRATES ME". So, what did i do? I jammed on the breaks, like any self respecting driver who's got someone telling them how to drive, would do. "How's that?" I ask. No reply.

She was better after she had her coffee and her senior-french toast-no egg-extra bacon-butter on the side with heated syrup breakfast.

I'm back ...officially.

happy weekend peeps!


Dianne said...

I'm sorry it got frustrating so fast.

While they're still in sisterlittle mode can you tweak things a bit to make it easier for you?

tt said...

dianne: I'm thinking about that...Hopefully an idea will come to me sooner than later. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you and Top had a great vacation. They're never long enough are they? It may be more you having to get back to caretaking mode more than them getting out of sisterlittle mode. When they get to you just remember that whatever you did for them before vacation was so good that they missed it when you were gone. It helps when you know you're irreplaceable.

Take Care,


Jay said...

Next time fly into the intersection and then slam on the brakes. Then when its clear slam the accelerator. See if she enjoys that. haha ;-)

tt said...

fmd: thanks. it is all about getting back into the mode...and while I don't think that I'm irreplaceable...i do think that in my attempt to make their lives easier...I created some of the things that irk me now. Oh well....only a year to go and I'll be on vacation again!woohoo!!

jay: Lovely idea! I'll let you know how it works! ( lauhing evily )mwaahhhha ha ha

meno said...

Maybe just buy her a muzzle and insist she puts it on before you drive anywhere.

tt said...

Meno: I've actually pictured her with muzzle on several funny is that! I'm really trying to be patient with her and try to put myself in her shoes...or rather eyes. Perhaps if I had macular degeneration ...and saw things all crazy it might frustrate me too. I don't know...I'm just trying to find answers that suit me I guess.

Acrimony said...

I would have handed her the keys and said "ok, you drive if you hate how I'm doing it so much!" LOL!

tt said...

tali: sarcasm doesn't work on her very well...I've tried! lol

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

I totally get you! I think I popped in here a long time ago but don't know why I didn't add you to my favs so I'd remember to check back.

Anyhow, you are in my FAVS now cuz, like I said "I totally get you!"

Anonymous said...

You write very well.