Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Last leg of the trip..Indiana

This was the main attraction for us in Lafayette, Indiana. This beautiful gal on the left is Ms. K. I swear....she hasn't changed in 20 years!!!!! ( how'd she do that anyway??)We first met her when she was 18 or 19 and Lovee had recruited her then boyfriend into the Marines. When we left lafayette and moved to Paris Island, SC, she followed. She lived with us for about a year...waiting for her boyfriend ( not pictured) to finish bootcamp and his formal school so they could get married. We love her one of our own. Shamelessly, it's been 10 years since we've seen her. The last time we saw her, her daughter..the little mini-me standing next to her was only 6! She's a gorgeous 16 now. Her hubby and little guy who, ironically is 6 now, are big loves! I have no words to express how good it was to see her again. We got to visit for a few hours then they were off to see fireworks and we had to get some sleep. I couldn't see them off though, when they left our hotel room.....too many tears. :( I miss her awful!
This is the park that was just across from the house we rented. # 3 son would take his little fishing pole down there and catch 'fish'....they were throw-backs...but he was so proud. Sunshine girl would feed the ducks.

This was our house. I loved this place. The basement was scarey for me as I'd never even seen one...but since the laundry had to get done I got used to it. It wasn't airconditioned back then but I noticed it is now. That's a plus! We lived on the left side. I loved the big porch. People would drive by and wave....we didn't know them...just friendly folk there.

The rest.........Back to Oklahoma. No pics for that. It seemed like an eternity passed before we got back.
So, vacation was a complete success and we got rested up and recharged.
All is good.
Next year......not sure....I'll keep you posted.

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