Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Senior moment....Oops!

Lovee had fallen asleep and the wee one, # 2 son, covered him up then crawled onto his lap to snuggle. Awwww....Their # 1 son on the left...loves him too! Too precious!

My sweet SquiddlyLovely and the boys!!

Remember in an earlier post I said we'd been to all our kids places...except ETK. For some reason....I guess I can't count. I feel awful. We've never been to Squiddly's house in California either!!! Gaaaaa tt! he was actually our 'first ever',extra piglet by surrogate. How could I forget that!!???? I'm going to blame it on a senior moment. And by that I mean that I've taken care of seniors so long that their lack mental acuity is rubbing off on me. How's THAT for justification??Sorry Squiddly! You know I love you awful!
I do have you two on my sidebar ya know.....
So, I guess on of our next trips will be to California! Woo-hoo!!!!


Jay said...

Love all the vaca photos!

CheekyMonkey said...

OMG... Lovee is so adorable...and those kids. sheesh... too stinkin cute!

LOVING the pictures!!!

tt said...

jay: thanks. I'm getting a bit better at this posting pictures thing.

CM: Weren't they cute! Glad you're liking the pics. Thanks

Brad said...

Great pics - You all look like you had a blast! - I'm on the mend and back in the office today - yay!

tt said...

brad: Yay for you!! Tooth problems are the pitts! Glad you're better!