Wednesday, July 9, 2008

On to West Virginia....

Lovee and I continued our vacation in Berkley Springs, WV. One of his 3 sisters lives there and we love it in the mountians! His sister graciously rented this cabin for us from Berkley Springs Cabin Rentals. It was perfect. It's called the Birds Nest, which is obviously perfect for me. :) It had been completely remodeled and had everything you could want. Perfect for kicking back and relaxing. Just what we needed before we headed back to reality.

Fipps practically jumped out of the car and into this tree. Can't blame him actually. he found several more places to perch but I'll spare you the pics. ;)

Lovee emptied the car while I looked around. You can tell by the smile on his face he was a very happy camper. Silly me, I actually got choked up while his sister was showing us everything. Not sure why that happened,,,tired from the trip.....overwhelmed by the cabin and the serenity of the whole place.....her generosity.....I'm not sure. I do know I whispered over and over to myself that I wished we never had to leave. So peaceful.

Loee had this grin on his face the whole time. Gosh...he's just the best guy ever. Looking at this picture makes my heart sing. I Love that man!!!
This is what we woke up to each morning! was really hard to look at. NOT!! I have a thing about rocks too. Just call me Lucy. ( Lucy and Desi did a movie where she collected rocks from each place they went...**gigglesnort** I do that too! ) Lovee found me 2 fabulous rocks that were perfect. Is he special or what!
We went in the town of Berkley Springs to the local Mineral Springs bath house. We had our own private 30 minute 'bath' which was so fun. I'll spare ya'll the details. (tee-hee)
Afterwards, Fipps was thirsty, so he got a drink from the spring. Excellent water for sure.

A wee bit of info about it. It's a must visit place in my book.

We spent our last night at the cabin with Lovee's sister and her friend. Cooked steaks on the barbie...had some wine....conversation...
Perfect day!

We left on the 4th to make our way to Lafayette, In. We were stationed there in the 80's while Lovee was on recruiting duty with the USMC.
Those pics are next.

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