Monday, July 14, 2008

Good things..

Ok. It's done and over with. I had my root canal today. Bright and early at 8:30 this morning. I was anxious in several ways...1. to get it over with so the pain would finally go away 2. afraid it would hurt like the last one 3. the numbing meds would hurt when wearing off like last time and 4. the cost..!

Anxiety is over....pain is didn't hurt like the last one....the numbing stuff only lasted 3 hours this time( not 8 like last itme)...and the cost...Well. I couldn't do anything about that . :(

I had lunch scheduled with a dear friend afterwards. It's been well over a year since we did that so I really looked forward to it. We went to a Mexican restaruant...yummy...where the rice and beans would be friendly to my numbness. It worked.

And last but by no means...I didn't have to go to the parentals today. Lovee do somemore yard work...but not me.

tt's world is very good today.


Jay said...

A root canal was a better day than going over to the parentals. LOL ;-)

Brad said...

Glad you have that behind you. I know I'm a big wimp postponing mine, but I was sure glad I did after I woke up this morning still draging from the weekend!

Acrimony said...

Root canals freak me out. I haven't had one but I haven't been to the dentist in a LONG TIME either and that's one of the reasons why. I'm afraid they'll want me to have a root canal. *giggle*

ETK said...

A ROOT CANAL?!?!?! I didn't know!!!
I'm glad you are fine - do you need me to come over and baby you?


tt said...

jay: exactly!!! lol

brad: I hear ya...glad yours is over too! :)

tali:I've managed to go 5oelfing3 years w/o one and now ,within the last 2 months I've had 2!!! Ugh!! just go get it over with!! ;)

etk: yea...get over here and make me a chocolate martini! :)

Jen said...

Oh man. Root canal just SOUNDS painful - I can't imagine actually HAVING one! Ack!

Ditto what Jay said!

. . . . .and I want a chocolate martini too, ETK!

tt said...

Jen...the worse part is the shots!! Naturally...when you finally get numb it's all good. lol

Gin said...

I'm glad it's over and wasn't as bad as you expected. The only thing I hated about a root canal was that my jaw locks up easily for about a week after having it cranked open that long at a time. I hate that!! I've had two root canals and that's plenty for me! The cost is horrible tho and I have good dental insurance!

Hope you are doing fine with no ill effects!


tt said...

Ginni dee: thanks. It's better now thank goodness. yea, the cost sucks big time even with insurance! My jaw locks up too..TMJ...geesh...ageing is rough sometimes but worth it :)

Imez said...

I spent four years dreading the removal of my wisdom teeth, 12 hours spitting blood, and then, never to worry again. But enough about me. You rock. I love the easy flow of your blog.

tt said...

imez: thanks doll! I rock? How cool!!!!!
I'll go have a look-see at your blogs are always fun aren't they? Welcome back anytime. :)