Wednesday, July 23, 2008

a real quick update :)

1. 1964 was a blast!!! Met BFF and her daughter for dinner first. Yummy! then off to the concert. Didn't get any pics cuz my camera sucks! should have taken Lovee's. next time. Also, the affair of the heart was awesome! I've never spent so much $$ on yard stuff ever...not to mention stuff to turn my birdhouse room into more of a cabin-esque place. I even found the Tipsy pot things Ginni!!! woo hoo. Pics of my finds will appear later. I know you're anxious :)

2. this week has been crazy busy with the parentals. Their car battery was dead Sunday when we went to take them to dinner. the Mom panicked..of course. took them in our car and all was well. lovee jumped it but, onday it was dead again. i told them I'd take care of it tuesday when i got there.

3. I had Monday off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We went to visit Lovee's sister. I adore her. she's taking care of her very ailing/invalid husband. She's the strongest person I know....mentally and physically.

4. Got AAA to start their car on Tuesday. Took it to the dealership where they got the last battery and had it replaced. Done! took the Dad to the eye Dr. He's all better now from the shingles pain and the post eye infection. thank god! did my 'wet' cleaning, laundry, shopping..fixed dinner....left. Good day! lol

5. took the Dad to his friends house so they could go play golf. His friend is 93 and still drives! took the Mom to the pain Dr. he upped her meds....thank god again cuz she's been in a lot of pain for the past few weeks. Took the Mom and myself to the nail salon. i had a pedi and she got a fill. Go Mom!!! she's 83 and still wears acrylics! ha
picked the Dad up from his friends and he tells me he isn't seeing the leopards and tigers anymore!!! Can I get a big 'HELL YES'??!!! guess the meds are working some. thanks goodness for small favors....cuz sometimes that's all we can get!

6. got chemicals for the pool today.....have I mentioned that swimming is one of my few pleasures....something I can do by myself or with others....but it's something I've always loved doing. anywhoodle.........I bet I've been able to swim ...maybe 5 times this summer.! WTF?? That's gonna change. I'm giving notice....from here on out.......if I'm needed, while I'm at home, I'll be in the pool or pulling weeds. House cleaning be damned! It can wait untill the weather changes. I'm gonna play!

7. It's been freaking hot here. Our heat index today was 106*!!! Lovee works outside all-freaking-day too. that scares me a bit, but he's really good about drinking enough is what it is. right?

the Mom is having her stomach scoped tomorrow morning at 7 am. that means i'm out of here by 6 am. She's been reallys sick lately. her stomach is paralized so she takes meds to make it empty. meds aren't working very well she get to get scoped. She's happy about it though. Wanna know why? Coz she get to go to Denny's afterwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go figure.

More later...........................gotta go swim for a couple minutes before bedtime!


Dianne said...

Swim sweetie swim!!

Jay said...

Ha! Mom will do anything for a trip to Denny's! ;-)

Dana said...

I think I'd get my stomach scoped for a trip to Denny's!!

CheekyMonkey said...

Drop that damn mop and go swimmin!!! Life AND Summer, both are too short to skip the pool. :) Besides, it's what you wait for all winter! :)

I miss ya. But I know you're swamped. And I'd rather you be out there swimming than inside on the stoopid puter!!!!

tt said...

dianne: i do so love it...

jay: so true..

dana: that's exactly what she said! seriously! go figure

Cheekymonkey: well, you know how my ADD is...i just get side tracked. And I do wait for this all life is so exciting. lol