Friday, July 25, 2008

It's all good in tt's world

I've got a few precious minutes before I have to go do my paint and spackle routine. But I wanted to share with everyone what I woke up to this morning. :)

I woke to the smell of coffee. That's not new because I wake to it everyday. But along with the coffee smell was bacon! Uh-huh..........and toast and scrambled eggs! Orange juice was sitting next to my morning pills. My Lovee made us breakfast this morning.Isn't that sweet. I woke up and instantly felt the day warm a good way; not from humidity. lol
Could I love this man anymore than I already do? Don't think so. :) I guess he's picked up a few little diddies along the way during our 34 years of marriage.

I slept so well last night too. Possibly because I got to swim for about.....oh...2 hours!! ( of course that meant my call from the fabulous ETK was cut short but I don't think she minded too much ) yep...fabulous! That meant I got to bed rather late but at the time I didn't care. Still don't.
I'm having a sunshiny day.....all the stars are aligned....and I'm a happy soul.

It really doesn't take much.

Saturday is Sunshine girls birthday.
Sunday is mine.
She'll be the big 30.
I'll be 54...........and sassier than ever! ha

Have a great weekend all!


Real Live Lesbian said...

Hope you and Sunshine have wonderful birthdays!

You'd better keep that Sweetie of yours...what a great way to start the morning!

Dana said...

Happy early birthday! I'll try to remember to stop by Sunday and give the proper greetings, but you know ... I'm old ... I forget sometimes!

I'm quite jealous of your morning surprise - it made my tummy rumbly and my heart warm!

Jen said...

Happy, happy birfday TT! May it be awesome!

tt said...

rll: thanks! gott keep him...too many years and training invested not to. ;)

dana: I know about old, girl! lol.. & if there's a next time for...maybe you'll get a keeper too :)

jen: thanks sweet girl ;)

Jay said...

Bacon just makes the world a better place.

CheekyMonkey said...

That Lovee is just starting your birthday weekend celebration! Sweet! Caught yourself a good one, but I'm sure I Don't have to tell you that.

Ohhhh, you are going to have a FANTASTIC weekend!!!!

Brad said...

Give that man an atta boy from me for taking good care of you ! and a Happy B-day to Sunshine

tt said...

jay: I love me some bacon!!!!! woohoo!

Cheekymonkey: he IS a good one for sure...and I'm sure this will be a really good weekend...I'm hittin' the pool!!!!

Brad: will do...and I'll pass the msg along to my lil girl too.:)

Dianne said...

Oh Lovee is a doll lol

Like I said last time, I just love when you're happy

Happy Birthday Weekend!!

tt said...

dianne: ;)..xo

Dianne said...

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday Dear TTeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Happy Birthday to You!

love ya!

CheekyMonkey said...

Happy Birthday suga!

Allison Horner said...



ETK said...

Sassier than ever?!?! Now, THAT is an understatement.

Sassier. Crazier. More Loveable. Sexier. Did I say crazier yet?


Love you!! Happy Birthday my darling loveable tt!!

tt said...

thanks everybody!!! the weekend was fabulous!
woo-hoo who knew that turning fifty-fucking-four would be so fun? ha

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

I just love it when a day starts out that way!! I was away due to the Damn Dolly so I missed your birthday!

You make 54 sound great!