Friday, September 19, 2008

Did I paint and spackle the Karma???

So, I was driving to the pharmacy today to get some stool softeners meds for the parentals and my grape started squishing. All over me it went...I'd even go so far to say I splashed myself. lol

Karma. Yep. That's what splashed through the ol grape. I told Lovee last night that maybe I was getting this ass whoopin parental experience because I was such a rotten kid when I was younger. Karma was paying me back. We just chuckled and talked about other stuff.
But obviously, my grape conjured it back up today. Not sure if there's a connection between the 'meds' and karma....but there it is.
So, I squished out a few thoughts about when Karma gives it the 'deed' or the 'action ' or is it a combination of offenses...what??? For example, if I cut someone off in traffic and then flip them off...then wish some ill-will on some other equally crazy driver later on in the day; does that count as 3 karma infractions...or just one because it all happened in one day? Does Karma make a distinction with time?'s a nucking futs question. At what age does Karma start anyway? I mean, two year olds do some shitty/funny stuff....and sometimes on purpose too....but they're too young to understand or even know about karma....
Well, ok...that was a bad example...but when does it start? Does karma recognize the legal age in the U.S. when kids are held responsible for their actions?? Is it different in other countries because legal ages vary?? is that even a factor. When can a person be held responsible in terms of karma????
I'm making my grape waayyyyyyyy to squishie with this. I could site more examples but I'm dripping grape juice on my laptop.

So, here's my other question. Perhaps I can tie it all together. Probably not though.
How long must I pay all that 'bad karma' back? Is it even possible to pay it all back before i kick it?? Will, the mom all of a sudden become angelic and say sweet things and make me proud of what I'm doing???? ( Ok, I'm proud ......but frustrated too)
Did that last line just put my bad karma at risk?
I'm;s snowballing in my head and I fear an avalanche.


I have to stop. I'm afraid I'll stain the carpet with all the leakage....and we just had it cleaned.


Anonymous said...

LOL! I don't know if karma works like that or not.

I hope not. I was a wild kid myself. :P

You have such a great attitude though about taking care of your parents. I wouldn't want to be anyone's beck & call girl. Ok, well I guess that's not true. I'm the girls' but that's only till they can do for themselves and then I'm taking a break for ME, ME, ME!!!

meno said...

For Catholics, 7 is considered 'the age of reason.'

That seems a bit young to me.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Gal? You are looking at it all the wrong way. You are earning your right to be the "parentals" to your own children.

And, by partaking this great, though hard and frustrating, responsibility? You are earning great care from your own children when y'all, finally [hopefully never, but we all understand reality] get there.

See? It's not easy. But, you are EARNING good Karma for later on. You don't know it and don't hear it, but I guarantee your parentals discuss on occasion or maybe daily -- how much you do for them and how much they appreciate you. They know they b!%ch and are hard to deal with.

And, they know they are blessed that you care enough to put up with it.

Aging and losing independence has to be the hardest thing in the world. You rock it for them -- AND? You take them to Denny's, to boot!

GO for YOU, GAL!! Way to earn that Karma!!!!

CheekyMonkey said...

AGAIN, I agree with Jen. Seriously, who is that gal?

Anyway, I was just going to say that Karma is like Mother Nature. A mind of it's own and can decide, unlike us humans, when we're doing something that deserves "bad karma" intentionally. So it varies from age to age. Huh... I wonder when Karma kicked in for the SD... hmmm...

Well, again, the grapejuice is awesome and I think you're probably right for having to pay your dues, but those are the tiny things... the other things are the butterflies in your stomach that make you proud when your dad tells you about his tigers or when your mom "is just checkin" to see if you're cookin that the way she likes it best... and you are. Somethin about that Karma and Fate, which I believe in both... not necessarily in a religious sense... but you know, they both can be a bitch at times!

Mwaahhh! Love you and all your karma. Thanks so much for sharing such a squishy one.

Now back to twiddle my thumbs. :)

tt said...

FF: It's easier to be the beck and call girl for wee ones...send them to their room if the act up or you're tired. ha
Yea...I'm ready for the 'me' time too. ;)

meno: 7......really? I'm toast then.

FW: earning my Karma?? now?? never thought of it that way. I just figured I was paying for the bad lol
I'll be at Denny's in 12 hours! yay...

jen: seriously!fortunately I had a towel under the laptop ;)

Cheeky Monkey: Jen is fab isn't she??!! I heart her lots!!
yea...Moth nature has a hot line to Karma I think. SFD !!
Squishing is necessary for good mental health don't cha know. :)
Mkay....go back to twiddling...:)

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

You let me know if you are comin' down the Texas way. I would love to meet you in person and we could eat some good Bar-B-Que at the bestest little family owned [for generations] place we've got down here.

Then, you [and U'r Lovey if he's with ya'] come visit us at my castle and we'll cook up a good meal and make ya' some margaritas and/or Vodka Tonics!

DH would agree...not because you are a fellow bloggie friend....cuz' he's not so fond of the internet.

BUT, he has awesome respect, as do we all, for the militia. So, YOU and YOUR Lovey are welcome..

Ooooh, come down next summer when cotton is coming out of the field. Beautiful!

My BFF would love to meet you too. I've told her to follow your blog. She's a 50 sumthin' but she's a young soul and she says I'm an old soul and....

Yada, yada. U cum'on down!

Happy Marg and Happy Saturday!!! [almost]

tt said...

FW: you're so sweet! i agree w/ your ARE an old is my sunshine girl ;)

I'd love to see your castle and see Farmer Jr and DH and lil gal and especially.....YOU!! Next time we go down Houston way....I'll letyou know. don't hold your breath may be a while..Lil may be in Middle school by then...pfft!! Not really, but it'll feel like it :(

Happy weekend gal!!

gary rith said...

eeeek! of course, maybe you're banking some GOOD KARMA for your own future use?

Jay said...

LOL ... If I ever get all of my bad karma paid off I'll let you know how long it takes. ;-)

Brad said...

I'm thinking that the little infractions just add up a bit and get whiped out by doing something BIG! like looking after your folks. I'm pretty sure your doing OK in the whole Karma ledger book.



Crazy Charlene said...

karma is always kicking my butt

both good and bad

it does come back to you good or bad

which keeps me trying to be real good

or really good when i am bad

charlene in ar

Anonymous said...

i left you a little something on my blog~~~GREAT karma~~go pick it up
charlene in ar

Diane J Standiford said...

karma---I just got booted off---was telling you that karma can be from past lives, you may have killed Lincoln or the dinosars. Have a good day.

gary rith said...

(Picture of the unfired but finished crock and spoon rest at potsblog!)

tt said...

Gary: I'm going to go with the 'banking' part. At least that's something I know about. lol
And I LOVE my crock!!!!

Jay: you? bad Karma...say it isn't so!

Brad: I actually like ledger books...I'll have to start a Karma one just to help me keep track. Thanks guy! xo

Char: thanks gal!!! I'm going with the idea that we're storing it up. You too ok?

DJS: lol....ya may be on to something here. I would prefer to have knocked someone really bad off though. lol...maybe I was the one being cared for in another life??? It's a thought. Maybe i was a 'cavewoman"??? what a mental picture that is!!!!!!!

Gary: It's perfect!!!!!!!!!!