Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Waaaayyyyyyyy to busy!!

Good grief!!! I'm too busy to blog or even read any!!! Not good in my book. However, the business comes from tiling. THAT is a good thing!!
The kitchen proper...w/o the eating area is done. As well as the back splash. We decided to do that too. Good lawdie....snowballs in September!!! Do all projects snowball?? pfft.......This weekend...the eating area and the area by the back door should get done. Cross all your crossables!

The Mom is still good....and still talking about her German Chocolate cake. Of course, she's now talking about going on a diet too. She LOVES Oatmeal Raisen cookies too. With pecans of course. I bake her a batch about every 6 weeks. She eats two w/ lunch and two after dinner. Dad usually has either Chocolate pie, lemon pie or brownies. I bake those too! :)
I told her if she'd just cut down on the sweets she could probably get by w/o dieting. No desserts??????? You'd think I committed some sacrilege. Seriously!!! She said she'd cut down after this batch was gone. We'll see.

Lovee and I went down Monday to do their yard. When we were just about finished, Mom hurt her foot. She broke it last year...around August. So, guess what I had to do?? Yep...took her to minor emergency to get xrayed. Not broken....just strained. Thank the heavens above for that!!!! i asked her if she just wanted to skip the Emergency place and go straight to Denny's ( winkie-wink )....she paused for a few minutes..then said no....that's ok....we'll go there Saturday.
I reminded her that since they have to get fasting blood tests on Thursday that we'll be going there afterwards. You should have seen her face light up! So, she'll get a Denny's fix 2 times this week. It's nice to be in her world sometimes.

Gotta jet............
parentals are waiting.
Today is Dad's golf day.

Hopefully I'll get time to read some blogs today. I'm feeling left out. :( and a wee bit lonely not knowing what's going on with everyone. I'm missin' on ya something awful!!!! My world is getting stale....I need some excitement! Well.......Lovee provides quite a bit of that but I won't go there with ya. LOL........TMI!!!


gary rith said...

DANG, now I want some of your oatmeal cookies!

CheekyMonkey said...

You're so cute, I miss you! We'll make up for that in 23 days!!! !Yippee!!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Howdy Gal! Don't wear yourself out too much!

Dana said...

I am right there with you! Must be something in the air. I'm doing my best to make the blog rounds but keep getting farther behind. Glad to hear all is well with parentals!!