Thursday, September 25, 2008

Did you feel that???

You may have felt...oh...I don't know exactly what to call it....a slight shift in the earths axis??? or perhaps you may have thought you heard a sonic boom??? OR....maybe you just thought things just felt a wee bit off today?

Let me tell wasn't your imagination. No-sirree!!!!!!!!
At about 8:45a.m. central standard time, today, Denny's closed their doors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know!!!!!! I think I'll hear your collective gasps. The audasity of those people. Don't they realize that keeping the parental units happy and content is paramount in my life??? Do they even care? Probably not. But we were just there last Saturday morning. Now, this morning they had a hand written sign on the door saying they will "close at 3 p.m. on Saturday, the 20 of September. Sorry for the inconvenience".

" what'll we do...what'll we do"..was the mantra the Dad kept chanting.

The Mom had a fasting blood test this morning for her physical next week ( that'll be another interesting day!!!) and as usual was looking forward to her extra Denny's trip. Needless to say, it caused quite a stir and made for a lot of conversation in the car whilst I looked for another suitable replacement. Conversation is actually a stretch...more like multiple loops. You know Dad....Mr. Loopy ;)
We drove to another Denny's...and ....gasp!! had the same sign.
Our waitress, Sharon, had actually told us last Saturday that the owner hasn't been paying the food bills which is why the note on the doors says no credit cards or debit cards. He's been trying to gather enough cash to pay the bills. She mentioned that they would run out of food ( I detest that btw....but that's another post ) by the afternoon. Guess they did.

We ended up at Village Inn. The same one Lovee and I went to, the 'morning after' our wedding,( almost 35 years ago!!!) before we left town. It was, as the Mom said"ok, but it's not Denny's". I have to agree. The French toast wasn't nearly as good and the parentals said the coffee wasn't very good. They said it was bitter. ( Hummmmm, that's how I've always describe coffee ) My iced tea was good though.
I have to recon the town later on today and see if all the other ones are closed too.
Lets hope not.
They don't like change.
and i want my world to get back to normal..or a semblence there of. :)

Note to self: check out IHOP.

It's 2:5 p.m. and they're still talking about it.
I'm thinking I need to go to the store.
gotta jet........
I'm outtie.

Prayers would be appreciated ;) Saturday is just around the corner.

SOS*********** can you see me waving my white flag???????????
anybody out there from Denny's????
Don't make me cop an attitude.
it won't be pretty!


Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

I DID! I DID! I GASPED! Big time! Do y'all have a "Gems" or another Denny's wanna' be that really is exactly the same thing?

Oh Lordie have Mercy!! I feel for you. I feel for your parentals too. They are old and that is one of few little high-lights of their week (and, peace for you?)


Anonymous said...

Why are old people so resistant to change? I don't get it.

Denny's is nasty IMO anyway. Ick. Just the thought of those grand slam breakfasts makes me want to hurl. I'm not a huge breakfast eater.

My in-laws are big fans of Shoney's. It's this nasty restaurant that we'd always pass on our way to the beach. Ick! I hated it. I guess my idea of breakfast is fruit and oatmeal or fruit and some sort of pastry. Yum!

Jay said...


Is there a Cracker Barrel or Bob Evans nearby? Bob Evans has very good breakfast.

tt said...

fw: I'm thinking too! ha--and so are they..:(

FF: I think it just gets to busy in their heads to do any changing. They both eat the exact same thing every morning of the week..Monday cereal,tues= eggs, weds= toatrer waffles thurs= french toast, fri= cereal. boggles my mind.
the Denny's here really is nice. And they have been going there soooo long that everyone knows what the want. Cheers! lol

Jay: I know right!
Cracker barrel ,yes! Bob Evans no. I just mentioned CB to them as I read your reply and they agreed to try it. Thanks!!!!!! I had forgotten about that.
I'll let you know how it goes:)

Gary's third pottery blog said...


Crazy Charlene said...

tt~~are we living twin lives?

it is never a dull moment is there?

i. know. your. pain. it's so nice to

be able to help our parents maybe we

can swith hit with each other

or something ya know help each other

adjust our perfect world. mines is



tt said...

Gary: Exactly!!!!

Char: twin lives....almost. Yours is more dificult than mine though. My Dad isn't on Dialysis yet and the Mom isn't fighting the big C. The daily struggles, yes...but the rest...I applaud your tenacity and bravado!!!!!!!!!
Hang in there Chica!

tt said...
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Fortune Cookies said...

we haven't had Denny's in years around here, I was sad too at the time...where else does one go to sober up with good food...key word here, GOOD FOOD. But for b'fast with the parental units, search for Bob Evans, they have some of the best biscuits and gravy EVER! IHOP's alright, but Bob Evans is spot on!