Tuesday, September 9, 2008

squishin' the grape

Thank all ya'll for your very kind words about my new blog name.....AND for the really kind words about the picture of me that I put up. I was a wee bit hesitant for a while but I thought well heck...why not...I put other pics of me on this here blog...so...I picked one that I liked of course...w/o my glasses....cuz I hate wearing glasses....but that's another story. lol-ha-ha


My weekend was completely wacky. I got to read a couple blogs...early Saturday..but after I finished with the parentals I went and picked up one of our grandyoungins. It's been a while since we'd had one of them stay over night...but Lil Miss Savanna said she'd be up to going with me to take the parentals to church and she really wanted to do a sleepover, so we said yes! She didn't bring anything to wear so of course our shopping gene kicked in and off we went....for the next 4 hours! Ugh!!! During that trip we found a craft project to do which took the rest of our day. Lemme tell ya...I'm totally out of practice in dealing with an 8 year old. It's better than when she was younger, but still.......so much energy and so much talking. She wasn't too happy about sleeping by herself...and because of a storm that hit during the night, she didn't have to. Although next time....she can go in the middle of Lovee and I. I just scooted over and she crawled in next to me. And in case you didn't know...it's not good to be in the middle. lol

Anywho, I took her home after church; visited with the X DIL and her new family and got home in time to head back to Tulsa to take the parentals to dinner. Phew....by Monday morning I was a mess.

I had scheduled a Dr. appt. on Friday b/c I haven't been feeling well for quite a while. he didn't tell me anything I wanted to hear...or expected to hear for that matter. I didn't eat or drink anything in case he needed to do a blood test. That gave me a headache...and he didn't do the damn test!**chicken biscuits**
anywhoodle...seems as though my leg pain is actually from my back. Now, I've had back pain for..oooooh...25 years or so. I have degenerative disks. I've always known when my back was acting up before. This felt different though. He xrays my hips.....they're fine....I knew that....but he swears it's my back. He's going to schedule an MRI for me. Great. SFD!!! In the mean time I've got some new pain pills for when the Advils don't kick in enough.
Then I talked to him about being so flipping tired all the time. he says i probably have sleep apnea. What??!!! #$^*&^#%$#%$ really? I'm just not buying that one. He said stress can cause allot of physical symptoms.... really? who knew? but that was it. Do I need some sort of drug to help me cope with that maybe?? Evidently not. He'd hate to get me started on a cycle of pills like that? whatthefuck???
Clearly I'm having a few issues with this whole care-giver-call-girl- profession I have going on...but not wanting to me on a cycle of pills to cope??? fucking idiot

So, I spent the rest of the day, Monday, in bed. Headache from hell struck. Food wouldn't get it to go away. Nothing helped. Not even those little new pain pills. Hummmm.....Clearly I'm about to die I thought. I was naucous...dizzy...light hurt....fitfull sleep. But I woke up Tuesday feeling human. And amazed that I was still alive. Seriously.
Later on after the fog lifted, I figured it all out. I had a Migraine!!! A bleeping migraine!!
Long story short....( you're welcome).....I told the parentals I need to take better care of myself and that each day I was going out walking for a while...I'd be back when I was finished...there would be some days where I couldn't scrub the floors and tubs.....and in general that if I didn't take better care of myself then I couldn't take care of them either. They were completely understanding and agreed with everything.
Hummm....for some reason that surprised me.
I have a fear of disappointing people. ( who guessed that?)
They're not disappointed.
me either.

That's it for now.
Gotta get to work.

Ike will be here this weekend. shitfuckdamn..... just saying....


gary rith said...

IKE! Oh no, be safe and feel better! Hogs and kisses from NY...

CheekyMonkey said...

Um... #1 priority is taking care of the TT. Period. So do that. Don't make me come down there and have a "sit down" with the rents to splain that... :)

tt said...

Gary: Aww,,,I love 'hogs'...um hugs too ;) the bigger the squish the better.

Cheeky: yep..you're right! I'm slow but eventually I catch on. And I think they'd love a sit down with you...they love company, it breaks up their day. ha ha ha Of course the subject matter would have to be cleared through me first. :)

Anonymous said...

I for one wasn't being kind - you look like a beautiful lady. I was speaking the truth. ;)

Good for you going for walks and standing up for yourself. You do need to take care of yourself. Don't let them take advantage or they will.

tt said...

FF: WEll, if I'm gonna be your cybermom...I need to be kinda cute...cuz you sure are! Thanks babe! I loved my walk yesterday...it completely recharged me...but today...rain! Darn. I could run up and down the stairs but....naw... ..lol
another day.

ETK said...

TT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm mad at you now. You wrote this the day I talked to you and you didn't say SHIT about it. You just let me blather on. Damn you!!!

Ok, i'm over it. But - BAD TT!!!

Yes, you need to take better care of yourself. Stress can and will manifest itself in different (unsuspected) ways! You definitely need to get out for that walk and you need uninterrupted blog reading time too!!! GOT IT? (I might point that directive at myself and take more time to read!)

Anyway, just know I love you bunches. Ms. Maddie told me to saw puuuurrrrrr. :)

tt said...

ETK......we DID talk about it...on the phone...I think it was Friday...do I need to start worring about your brain now too???
silly girl...xo

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

YAY!!!! You told the parentals you need to take care of YOU too!! [And, first.]

Thought about you as Ike headed through. I'm thinking y'all in OK handled it pretty well?

I gotta do some more chore catchin' up but I'll be back to read all your new posts and squishes!!

Happy Tuesday!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Oh...and, I think you definately need to see a new doctor and get a second opinion about....

Well, all of it. Just Sayin!' ;-)