Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thoughts for today

It's Mom's Birthday.....she's 84

German Chocolate cake is done!!!

Presents are bought.

I've misplaced my brain and I really miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the tile is down. Just have to finish grouting!! Thank goodness!!!

I'm rushed today.

I love my BFF.

I love my Bloggie friends!!!!

My house is a total wreck......no exageration!!!!!!!!!

Lovee rocks my world.

CheekyMonkey went on a surprise trip....her hubby rocks!!!

Lovee and I get to serve at a wedding reception this Saturday...should be interesting :)

I'll miss the Fair that's in town :(

I'm still missing my brain but I'm happy this morning....4 advils and 2 pain pills let me wake up w/o any pain this morning!!!!!!!! ( tilng is HARD on the back and knees!!)

My crock and spoon rest are done....Gary the Potterman says it's fabulous,,I'm anxious!!!

I love all my kids.

Squiddly is off to Cuba for a year!!!!!!!!! yikes!!! Keep him in your thoughts...I miss him and the family!!!

Gotta jet..........it's paint and spackle time....woo-hoo...the universe will thank me for that :)


Real Live Lesbian said...

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

Pass the cake, please!

Dana said...

I'll second RLL's comment ...

Happy Birthday Mom!

And German chocolate cake? Mmmmm!

CheekyMonkey said...

Mmmm, cake....

Cuba!?!?! Yikes, I just flew over cuba. Looks perty.

Great post btw. easy. No fluff. just juice. Lovin it!

P.S. 10 More days!!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

CAKE yeow! Lucky birthday girl!
More on red crocks a little later!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Way to be Happy! You are Poppin' with Pizzazz today!

Jay said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom!!

meno said...

I can't pay any attention after you said German Chocolate cake.

Cake? Mmmmm. i like cake.

Sunshine said...

Oh crap and a half!!!! I meant to come over today to see G-ma and COMPLETELY forgot!!! eeeekkkk! Am I in the dog house? Work was crazy today and I barely came up for air. I will come over tomorrow!!!
Sry Ma!!

Knight said...

You are full of positive. I'm energized just from visiting. Thanks!

tt said...

rll: Happy Bday to you gal!! Wish I could make you one!!

Dana: thanks...I'll pass that along...she'll be confused but...that's sort of fun to watch :)

Cheekymonkey: :) 9! more days now. Yay!! I like juice...better than fluff anyway :)

Jay: thankd big guy!

Meno: lost you at cake??...come on over and get some...I love to bake them.

sunshine: Wondered what happened...no worries, Birthdays aren't over untill the last card is opened. :)

KNight: Thanks gal. Some days aren't so positive but in my line of work that's just the way things roll. Tune in again for the continuing saga. :) Welcome....

Dianne: LOL...that cracked me up. She WAS nice today. Must have been the cake.

Gary_-simply put..you rock!!

FW: You make me smile gal!

Gin said...

Ummmm cake! My dad turned 84 this year too...his mind is about 12 tho. It's amazing how we trade roles with our parents as we go thru life, isn't it?