Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A wee bit O juicey juice ;)

Thanks to the O so fabulous sidebar has a little ditty to help me remember how many days untill she and I go see Cheekymonkey!!!! Actually I think ETK told me that Cheeky found the counter thing....but ETK put it on my blog for me...I'm challenged ya know.. ;)

Mini vacation!!! yay for me!...and us... :) I visited the Chicago area wayyyy back in the 80's when we lived in Indiana. Even got to go to a game at Wrigley Field. That was wayyyy cool. It was cold as hell in the nose bleed section but I didn't care. I love baseball!

Let's see, what else is on the ol grape today?......

Gotta make a shout out to my Squiddly and his lovely. Today is their 14th anniversary! time flies. We were stationed at Cherry Point N.C. at the time. He got married in California. His Mom flew me out there to be his present. Seriously! I remember almost every detail of that day. He was so seemed. I got to finally meet his bride then....Loved her from the start! Talk about a perfect pair. Squeezers to them!!!

Parentals seem to be doing really well lately. Hope I didn't jinx that....not that I'm superstitious or anything...;) I'm just hoping...

Worked on the tile job last night. Our fridge and stove are out of their respective homes at the moment. Makes for quite a disorganized mess. But that's ok.....sort of matches my grape at fact...walking into the kitchen is like visiting my grape. ha ha ha However, once the tile job is done and everything finds it's home will my grape. Hopefully.

Pain pills are nice aren't they?! I rather like the fuzzy feeling the give me. Hummmm.....
K..that's more rambles from me today..
I'm boring myself.
Can't go for a walk today cuz I might melt. Yep, it's raining. Mom always said I wouldn't melt in the rain cuz sugar melts but'shit' don't I'm sure I've sweetened up since then.
I must admit, at 13 I grew horns and kept them polished to a high gloss!

Think I'll sit on the porch for a while and soak up some...rain smells. :)


Jen said...

One of my most favorite things is to sit on the porch and soak up rain smells! Hope yours was peaceful.

tt said...

Jen: it was!!! I'm thinking it releases some of those cute little endorfins...Lovin those!

CheekyMonkey said...

I LOVE this! And I love when the monkey sleeps in until I'm finished with the paint and spackle.. that way, I can grab him, a bottle and go sit my butt on the front porch while he lays there and drinks his bottle, soaking in the surroundings. Now THATS the best way to start the day!