Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Spackling some juice...

Just a curious thing, but I'm wondering who's lurking at my blog in Europe???
That little map I have on my's showing someone.
But whom???
I'm just curious by nature.
At one time I would have thought it was R.E.H....that wonderful madman over in Sweden. But we haven't heard from him in months. I'm curious about that too. Where in the Chicken Biskets is he anyway?

The Mom was curious too. Again I had to explain what a blog is. She's now wondering if it's just for really lonely people who have no friends or "frustrated writers". LOL
She wanted me to read her one so I read her Ginni's. A View from my Garden, I think is the name. It seemed the most harmless one I could read that wouldn't take so much explanation. lol

Had to give the Dad a manicure today. Thank the heavens I don't have to do a Pedi for him. the Dr. does it. Sunshine girl used a favor to him I think. God Bless her.....Not sure i could have done it. He paid her though and she needed the $$ at the time. Geesh, the things we do for some green!! got some major Karma points for that i think. :)

Still raining.
shitfuckdamn I mean chicken biskets! :)


Jay said...

I have somebody in Thailand and somebody in India who comes to my a few times a day everyday. I really wonder who they are too. They both live in pretty fascinating places.

You didn't read her any of my blog? LOL ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have a bunch of foreign people that read mine and never comment. I don't get the fascination lol but I hope I'm not representative to them of what American housewives are like. LOL!

Posing half-nekkid on Thursdays, fantasizing about hot cops. . . Oh, my!

Jen said...

I never did get into checking that sort of stuff. I tried b/c Alli and ETK do/did it, but, in the end, I just didn't care & it seemed more of a PITA than necessary to me.

I dunno why? Maybe 'cos ignorance is bliss? ? ? I like living in la-la land.

I wondered what happened to REH too?

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Ha! Ha! You make me laugh! Just luuuuuv your censoring!!!!!

I miss me some madman too! :-(

Getting my last bloggie fix in before I hit the road from mid trip tomorrow and end up in the beautiful woods -- lacking technology....LOL!!!!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Oh, everytime I see that picture of you and luvee eskimo kissin'? It just melts me!

Dana said...

I think you should have shown her mine - you wouldn't have even needed to read *gigglesnort*

Looks like you have a few european visitors!

gary rith said...

well, a blog like mine is all about doing business by showing customers what I am up to--my old dad didn't get it either, but you can't argue with success!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Dana and I are *both* upset about not being included in the readings! ;)

You are such a great daughter!

tt said...

you all know that my Mom is blind right??? hahahahaha...I can't 'show' her anything...:)...and she's such a prude that if I read her some of the blogs I love...she'd keel over...Hummmmm...oh,,my....shame on me!!!!!
Bad daughter...not good!!!